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Health 97 is offered in the fall 2014 semester as a online hybrid class. 

There will be 7 mandatory class meetings on the Ocean campus on Mondays from 4:10pm - 7:00pm on the following dates; Aug 18 - this is the first day of class and will meet in R 414, all of the following class meetings will be in MU 330-  Aug 25, Sept 29, Oct 13, Nov 3, Nov 24, Dec 15

All other course work and assignments will be completed online using the CCSF Insight online learning management system. See below for more course info.

If you are registered for the class and do not attend the first class on Aug 18th you may be dropped from the course.

HLTH 116 online section is a grant funded section for a special cohort of students and is not available for open enrollment 
Please enroll in the in-person section of the class meeting on two Sat's in the fall of 2014.

See more course info and Access to Insight & CCSF email below

WAIT LIST Information click here to read about how the Wait List works before the semester begins.

If you are on the wait list the first day of the semester you must attend the first meeting on Aug 18th at 4:10pm in R414

Providing that there is space, you will be added from the wait list in the order that you were placed on the wait list generated by Admissions and Records.

The instructor cannot put you on a waiting list. The College's registration process controls the wait list system.

Please do not email asking to be added to a wait list or for an add code. Unfortunately, I cannot give one to you. 

If the class is full and the wait list is full, you will need to attend the first meeting to see if there is space in the class.

If you are given an add code at the first meeting you will need to stay for the entire class session.

Fall 2014 HLTH 97: Stress & Health in Society (3 units)

HLTH 97 meets CCSF graduation requirement in areas G1 & D 
Required course in the CCSF Community Health Worker certificate program
CSU transfer in area D7
SFSU Health Education Major Core Course

Learn simple practices to take care of ourselves
 so that we can be responsive and effective
 in our care for others, and our world

  • Learn the health, behavioral, and social science behind the mind-body connection
  • Explore the social determinants of health & health disparities and their impact on stress & chronic disease
  • Create BIG picture policy and community level stress reduction strategies to promote health equity
  • Learn meditation and other stress reduction practices
  • Design and analyze your own survey research on stress in your community

Fall 2014
*MONDAY HLTH 97: Stress & Health in Society is a hybrid online class. Students are required to complete coursework online 
and attend ALL SEVEN (7) in-person class meetings.

Students are required to attend all meetings on the Ocean Campus on Mondays from 4:10pm - 7:00pm on Aug 18 (Meet in R414), Aug 25, Sept 29, Oct 13, Nov 3, Nov 24, Dec 15 in MU 330.

If you are registered for the class and do not attend the first class on Aug 18th you may be dropped from the course.

Please do not plan to leave early or arrive late to the in-person meetings. All registered students must arrive on time and attend the entire in-person class meeting on dates noted above.

Exceptions cannot be made for a conflict with another class.

In-person class meetings cannot be re-scheduled.

Instructor office hours are held on the dates of in-person class meetings (see chart below for times) or by appointment.

See H97MON Syllabus attachment
at the bottom of this page for required text and more course information (a more detailed syllabus will be available online to registered students).

Teaching Schedule  Fall 2014

 From To Room
 HLTH 97*
Hybrid Online Course see above for dates
4:10 pm
 7:00 pm
 MU 330

 Office Hours
only on dates for Mon HLTH 97 class above
or by appt

 2:45 pm

 3:45 pm

 MU 353


Log onto Insight the CCSF online learning system

Trouble logging on to Insight Click here for help

Students will be able to access Insight course pages on the first day of HLTH 97 class on Aug 18th 2014 

Log in and password information will be sent to students who are NEW to Insight via CCSFmail. If you have used Insight for a class previously - your password is unchanged. 

If you will not be checking this CCSFmail account regularly - Please set up your CCSFemail to forward to an account you will use regularly throughout the semester as important notifications about class will be sent through Insight -CCSFemail. Instructions for forwarding your CCSFemail here

If you do not know how to access your CCSF-email account, click here

For in-person assistance visit the Link Center in MU 301 Monday - Thursday 10am - 5pm during school semester.

About me & my role in the Health Education Department

- Faculty in the  Health Education Dept
- Coordinate the Infectious Disease Prevention in Priority Populations Certificate
- Coordinate the Link Center  MU301
- I am the faculty adviser for  The Gender Diversity Project, and Project SAFE

I have been teaching at CCSF since 1997.  I have almost 40 years of experience in health education, advocacy, and providing health care services.  I started as a community health worker, became an LVN (studied at CCSF -John Adams 1974), went on to become a Physicians Assistant in Primary Care (Stanford-Foothill 1980) and then studied Public Health (MPH - Community Health Education at University of Mass in 1995). 

Areas of special interest over the years have been stress reduction, violence prevention, women's health, substance use, HIV prevention, leadership development, gender studies, end of life issues, yoga, meditation and other restorative practice and above all promoting health equity for everyone.  

I love teaching at CCSF because I believe strongly in a public open door - open enrollment institution that serves community interests.  CCSF is where it all started for me and I remain truly inspired by my creative, enthusiastic, and intelligent students and the talented, dedicated, and compassionate faculty and staff I work with.  My classes are interactive with a combination of individual, group, and online learning activities, discussion, video, and lecture.

And one last thing --- read this, take it in.......

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work.... Keep the channel open. ”

Martha Graham

Joani Marinoff,
Apr 20, 2014, 5:27 PM