A Little Bit About Me

Welcome to my webpage.  If you are thinking about taking one of my classes, you may be interested in knowing a little bit about me.  I was once a CCSF student too, but many, many, many years ago.  Batmale Hall didn't exist when I was studying here!  I really enjoyed my time as a student at CCSF, and I hope you will take advantage of the opportunities that are being offered to you now as a student.  As life gets more hectic, you may find it difficult to make the time to benefit from being in college.

I trained as a clinical psychologist, but decided that teaching was a better fit for me for now. My work as a therapist has dovetailed very nicely with the theories and research that are presented in the psychology courses that I teach, and you will probably see this influence in the way I present the material. But the cool thing is that you don't have to be a therapist to recognize how psychology has relevance in our lives: it's about being a human being - which you must be, if you're reading this!

I know - bad joke.  I'm afraid you're going to have to get used to that.  

You should also know that even though I like to joke around, as your psychology professor, I take my role very seriously.  My job is to help you prepare for future classes, whether in psychology or at a 4-year university.  You can expect that my classes will not be easy: you can learn a lot and you will find it interesting, but be prepared to work - I hope you will find it worthwhile!

Teaching Schedule and Office Hours, Fall 2019

 Course     Days  From  To      Room
 Psych 1
MWF10:10am11:00amCreative Arts
 Psych 11TR11:10am12:25pm

Batmale Hall

Office Hours*
11:10am12:00pm Batmale Hall
               *also by appointment


Psychology Tutoring Schedule,  Fall 2019 (to be posted)
Learning Assistance Center, Rosenberg Library, Room 207





www.ccsf.edu/lac/tutoringOnce you are on the LAC page, follow the subject links on the right to view schedules. 
The LAC also has excellent English writing tutors who can help you with your papers. On the LAC page, click on the "Writing Success Program" for more information (on the left side of the screen).

ESL Tutoring

Laura Walsh is the ESL Partnerships Advisor.  Prof. Walsh is an ESL instructor who is knowledgeable in the area of Psychology.  She uses her skills as an ESL instructor and as a student of psychology to provide psychology tutoring to ESL students.  Contact Prof. Walsh at lwalsh@ccsf.edu to see if she has tutoring appointments available this semester.

Chosen Name.
Many people use a name other than their legal name for various reasons.  CCSF recognizes the use of chosen first names for all students, faculty, staff, and administrators.  Using chosen names is a best practice in supporting transgender and gender nonconforming college community members.

The use of chosen names is not limited to transgender and gender nonconforming people; anyone who uses a name other than their legal first name may use the service. To update your chosen name:

1. Log in to the RAM ID Portal: https://ramid.ccsf.edu/
2. Click on Web4/SSB
3. Click on "Personal Information"
4. Under "Personal Details," select Edit
5. Enter in your chosen name under "Preferred First Name"
6. Select "Update" to save your name

Please check each course individually for relevant announcements.

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