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Letters from America


photo letter drop slot on green door

This semester, you will be writing a journal, some of which you will post on a wiki website. The theme of the journal will be Letters from America. You will be writing one journal entry three weeks. Each journal entry will consist of a 250-300 word letter to a friend, a relative or a fictitious person in your home country. You may write on a topic of your choice: an idea from the textbook, a current news topic, a social issue, or something from your life. Be sure that you choose just one central topic for each letter and that you use the letter to analyze the topic in a way that would be informative to a person who is unfamiliar with life in the US. You may use any writing style, but remember to focus on a single topic – don’t write a narrative about what you did last weekend. Instead, choose one idea or event and write about it in depth. Your letters may all be addressed to the same person or to a different person each time.

photo envelope with stamps and US Post Office sticker

You will be required to write a total of 6 letters, and you will have a window of 3 weeks to submit each one. Late letters will not be accepted. You will submit the letters online through our class website. Letters will be evaluated on a 20-point scale and corrected for grammar.

After you carefully check and compare your submission with the corrected version, you will email me a report summarizing what you learned from your analysis. Use examples in your reports.

You will upload some letters to the wiki. Please take some time to read your classmates’ letters!