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ESL 142

ESL 142: High Intermediate Listening and Speaking     Spring 2014


Section 31779-004                TTH 11:10am - 12:25pm                   ART 212

Section 31598-005                TTH 12:40am - 1:55pm                     ART 211


Instructor: Lisa Johnson      Office: L356

Email: - Use Insight iMail after course begins.    

Phone: 415.452.7148 (leave message; email preferred)

Office hours: Tues. 10-11am, Wed. 12-1pm & by appointment - If you need help, ask!



Prerequisite: Completion of ESL132 with a passing grade or placement in ESL142


Required Textbook: Academic Listening Encounters: Life in Society 3Second Edition,

ISBN 978-1-107-67314-4


Strongly Recommended Textbook: Longman Advanced American Dictionary


Required Materials: a spiral notebook for note taking, index cards for presentation notes, a folder or 3-ring binder to organize class handouts



Course Content: In this class, you have the opportunity to develop your listening and speaking skills to be successful in academic classes. By actively participating in all aspects of the class, you can improve your ability to communicate.


Class presentations: You will do formal class presentations on the topics in the textbook. You will be responsible for specific content, grammar and vocabulary requirements for each presentation. Presentations will require you to conduct surveys and interviews or research outside of class. Scheduled presentations must be given at the arranged time. Missed presentations will receive no credit.


Group discussions and oral summaries: You will be expected to speak and listen in class each day and are expected to come to class prepared to discuss the assigned chapter topics, using appropriate academic vocabulary and comprehensible grammar.


Unit tests: You will be tested on the chapter content and vocabulary for each unit covered.


Lecture/Note taking assignments: You will listen to lectures and take notes on them outside class. You may listen to the lectures at home or in the CLAD lab.


Additional speaking assignments: You will record short speaking assignments using Voice Board on Insight outside class from time to time, which will allow you more opportunities to practice speaking and communicating with your classmates. You will need to log on to Insight to complete these assignments, which can be completed at home or in the CLAD lab.


Class participation: Active participation is especially important in a listening and speaking course to improve your capabilities. Listen carefully to your classmates (and your instructor) and be ready to give your opinions. You will also be discussing class topics with your classmates on Insight, so you will need to log on to Insight. At all times, I expect all of you to show respect to your classmates when participating in class and online discussions. 

Please come to class regularly and on time. Contact me by email if you have to miss class. More than 2 absences before the midterm or 2 absences after the midterm will result in a lower grade or your being dropped from the course. If you are late 2 times, this equals 1 absence. If you arrive late on a presentation day, listen at the door and wait until you hear applause to enter the classroom.


Homework: All homework is due on the assigned date. I do not accept late homework. You can expect 4 hours of homework each week. All assignments should be neatly written in pen or typed. Please double space and use 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper.


Important note: If you (1) need classroom or testing accommodations because of a disability, (2) have emergency medical information to share with me, or (3) need special arrangements in case the building needs to be evacuated, please speak with me as soon as possible.



Presentations                                                                                                  40%

Homework (Preparation for class, Lectures, Notes, Voice Board)                25%

Quizzes and Tests                                                                                          35%                            



Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Upon completion of this course a student will be able to:



1.     In activities focusing on developing oral fluency, show the ability to apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate complex spoken and written material for purposes of participating in class and group discussions, as well as plan and deliver presentations which are appropriate to the academic setting and in which the student utilizes vocabulary appropriate to the academic register.

2.     Present oral summaries of listening passages and/or written information.

3.     In activities focusing on accuracy, demonstrate a developing ability to self-monitor for accuracy in areas of grammar and syntax which are appropriate to the 140/142 levels, and for which errors clearly affect listener understanding.

4.     Demonstrate an awareness of and ability to monitor for areas of pronunciation and intonation patterns of English appropriate to the 140/142 levels.


1.     Use predictive skills to activate schema about a topic.

2.     Demonstrate the ability to comprehend and take appropriate notes on the content of academic lectures and presentations.

3.     Demonstrate comprehension of English discourse.

4.     Demonstrate (a) awareness of situational norms in various settings, such as academic, business and social settings, and (b) the ability to activate that knowledge in order to negotiate challenging listening encounters.


Learning Strategies

1.     Utilize appropriate academic skills in specific contexts.

2.     Use resources, including those available at CCSF, for research and academic support.

Important dates

January 10                 First Day of Classes

January 20                  Holiday - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 24                  Last day to reduce units in order to qualify for refund

January 30                  Last day to add classes

January 31                 Holiday - Lunar New Year

February 6                  No classes - Faculty professional development

February 7                  Last day to drop classes with no notation on record

February 13                Last day to request pass/no pass (P/NP) grading

February 14-17           Holiday - Presidents' Day

March 14                     End of Midterm Period

March 31, April 1-7     Holiday - Cesar Chavez Day, Spring Recess

April 17                        Last day for Student-Instructor Initiated Withdrawals           

April 25                        No classes - Faculty professional development

May 20                        Final Exams     Section 31779-004 10:30-12:30                    

                                                             Section 31598-005 1:00-3:00