Psyc 1- General Psychology Online

Fall, 2015   

Psyc 1 - General Psychology, Sections 831 & 832 are online courses. There are NO required on-campus meetings, but students are required to complete an online orientation.

At least one week prior to the start of class, I will send a letter to students CCSF e-mail account to help you get started in the class.  CCSF's Distance Learning office will send students log on information and a password a day before the start of class. All communiction from the college will be sent to your CCSF e-mail NOT your personal e-mail address.

The course will go live on Monday, Aug. 17th, 8:00 a.m. Students who do not complete the online orientation by Wed., June 17th will be dropped. 


This is NOT a course you can get away without purchasing a text. The text comes with access to LaunchPad, the text website. Assignments are completed on LaunchPad (text website) AND  Insight (CCSF website). The assignments on LaunchPad will make up 50% of the grade. A student cannot pass the class without the text and access to LaunchPad!!!!

Required Text: Exploring Psychology in Modules w/DSM-5+LaunchPad 9th ed., David Myers, MacMillan Publishers ISBN: 9781464189616 (Do NOT just buy any edition of a text by the same author. You must purchase the right edition and be sure it includes an access code to LaunchPad, the text's companion website). 

If you get a used copy from a friend or get a copy from another online source, factor in the cost of purchasing access to LaunchPad. 


I am well aware that textbooks are expensive and weighed many factors when choosing the text. That is why there is the more economical option of purchasing an e-book with LaunchPad for $65.00,directly from the publisher. Because this is a 6-week course, I will not extend deadline dates because a student cannot purchase the text.   

OPTION #1: Purchase soft cover text with LaunchPad at CCSF Bookstore $153.00 If you purchase the text elsewhere, be sure it includes the DSM-5 updated edition with access to LaunchPad.

OPTION #2: Purchase an e-book which includes LauchPad. Students can purchase the e-book at the CCSF Bookstore for $69.00 OR purchase the e-book directly from the publisher for $65.00. 

I will provide students the URL to register for LaunchPad. The URL can also be used to purchase an e-book or register for a free 21 day trial. 

Online students are required to navigate 2 websites:                        

Assignments will be completed on, 1) CCSF's online website, Insight; and 2) LaunchPad, the text website.

Insight Course Page: Log on regularly to check for assignments, announcements and updates. Forum discussions are required and graded; and Midterms and Final Exams will be completed on our Insight course page.

LaunchPad: Module quizzes and assignments will be completed on LaunchPad. Students MUST register for LaunchPad to access assignments. The text includes an access code. 

50% of the grade will be based on Insight assignments and 50% based on LaunchPad assignments. 

Word of Caution: Not all students are suited for an online course. Many students are unaware of how demanding an online course can be. Students must be prepared to devote a minimum of 10 to12 hrs. a week to the course. The most successful students are highly motivated, self-disciplined, organized and able to learn independently.  There are weekly deadlines and it is very easy to fall behind in an online course. Its important to communicate with the instructor at the first sign of problems.