Humanities 7 Hybrid Online Class CRN 76307 (Fall 2019)


This class (CRN 76307) meets on some Thursdays from 2:10 - 4:30.

This site is for informational purposes. All of the instruction will take place on the Canvas page for Humanities 7, which will open at 8am on September 3, 2019. By then, registered students will receive a welcome message from the Canvas system (not from me) with login and password.

The information on this page will help you decide whether or not to take this course, and to prepare for it. Please read it carefully. Students who want to get a head start on the supplemental reading we will begin the course with (it must be completed by our first meeting on Thursday, September 12 from 2:10 - 4:30pm) can download the quotations from Emile Durkheim and Isabel Allende's "Walimai" short story at the bottom of this page.

The SYLLABUS is the most important document of the semester (although this version is merely copied from the one in Canvas and does contain some broken links).

Humanities 7: Comparative Religions is a course which investigates what major world religions have to say about the meaning of existence, about life after death, but also -- most importantly -- about how to live. I hope it will be a journey of discovery for students and instructor alike, but since the course largely takes place online, there are a lot of organizational issues to get clear, so please read carefully:

1. This is a hybrid class, not a completely online class. There are six mandatory meetings (some Thursdays from 2:10 - 4:30), most on Ocean campus in MUB 398 but also for a field trip in San Francisco. Anyone who fails to attend the first meeting of the semester will not be a part of the course -- these meetings are strictly required, and are listed below.

2. Technical problems of ALL kinds (computer, browser, Canvas downtime) must go through technical channels. The main page of Canvas contains many links for help, including an extensive Online Course Support Center [link to be updated] where you can find answers and submit help tickets. Students can also call 415-452-5689 and talk with our support staff or drop by Batmale Hall 310. The instructor cannot answer technical questions.

3. Adding the class: I will try to add all students on the Wait List, but may not be able to add anyone else. THERE WILL BE NO LATE ADDS. As with traditional classes, adding and dropping are the student's responsibility. Please contact the instructor by e-mail if you want to take the class and can't get on the Waiting List -- if you just show up for the first class, it is already late in the semester to begin.

4. An online/hybrid course like this one is not for everyone. It is not easier or less work than a face-to-face class. You will have to keep up with the reading; there will be forum responses and quizzes every week, two essays to write, and substantial in-person Midterm and Final Exams. Please see the CCSF Distance Education page to help decide if this course is for you.

5. Contact the instructor using the information to the left. Do not use any other e-mail addresses you find for me. I may not check phone messages very often; e-mail is the best way to reach me. I will communicate with you largely through the Student Gmail account the school has set up for you. You must use it to take this class. You will also receive your login and password for Canvas on this account. Information about accessing your Student Gmail (aka CCSF Gmail) account is here.

6. The book we use is Living Religions by Mary Pat Fisher (9th Edition). You are welcome to order this early from a vendor of your choice; it will also be available in the CCSF bookstore. ISBN-13: 9780205956401. To save money on the price of the book, order it well before the semester begins.

  • Thursday, September 12: Introduction and Lecture/Discussion, 2:10 - 4:30 pm Ocean Campus in MUB 398
  • Thursday, October 3: Lecture/Discussion, 2:10 - 4:30 pm Ocean Campus at [TBA]
  • Thursday, October 17:, Midterm Exam (including lecture/discussion) in [TBA]
  • Thursday, November 7: Lecture/Discussion, 2:10 - 4:30 pm Ocean Campus in [TBA]
  • Thursday, November 21: Lecture/Discussion, 2:10 - 4:30 pm Ocean Campus in [TBA]
  • Thursday, December 19: Final Exam (including lecture/discussion), 2:10 - 4:30 pm in MUB 398


My office hours are MWF 10-11 and TR 11:15 - 11:45 in Arts 213 at the Ocean Campus. You can always e-mail me at


If for some reason I am unable to access our class due to a personal emergency, I will contact the Chair of the Educational Technology Department. You will receive a message from the Chair via Canvas letting you know that I am absent and providing you with details about the class in my absence.

If you are not able to access the class via Canvas due to a technical difficulty, I will post a message on this website. You can find a link to this website in the online schedule on the College's website and in the Syllabus. Additionally, I will send an email to your CCSFmail address with details about when we expect Canvas to be accessible and a contingency plan for course work.

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