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M 12-1, T 9-11, W 12-1 in R205 (best place to find me)

Welcome to my CCSF instructional site. The syllabi at the bottom of this page will give you a general idea of the scope of each of my courses. You can find links to required books and materials by going to the class schedule for the course listing and clicking Books.

At the bottom of this page along with my syllabi, you will find a generic Welcome Letter and Log-In Instructions for Students in Online Classes. This shows you how to log in to Canvas, our learning management system, and includes a number of links to different resources to assist you with online learning at CCSF. An updated letter for Summer 2019 students will be provided when summer enrollment begins.

Preview for Summer 2019: English 26, the full three unit grammar class will be offered this summer for the first time as a fully online course. There will be several OPTIONAL face to face orientations scheduled during the first week of summer classes on the Ocean Campus. The course will run June 10th-July 19th.

Online classes fill quickly! While I am often able to add students, I cannot bypass the wait list or hand out add codes until the course has officially begun. If you are on the wait list, please check your CCSF email frequently; if a space opens up, you will be notified and have 48 hours to accept, or you will be removed from the list. I don't keep a separate wait list, but you are welcome to contact me on the first day, June 10th, to see if adding is possible.

For students interested in the online English 26ABC classes:

English 26A, 26B, and 26C are short-term classes, and each one is like taking a full-time course for those seven weeks. The courses do not need to be taken in sequence but are designed to be taken one at a time. Please contact me if you would like to be advised as far as which course is right for you. Online classes are harder in many ways than a face to face class, and require a lot of discipline and self-direction. Expect that you will need a minimum of 6-9 hours per week to dedicate to the class.

English 26A, 26B, and 26C (and the face-to-face English 26) are writing support classes. All classes presume that you have near native-speaker fluency listening, speaking, and reading but need more practice with academic writing and standard English grammar. If you are a multilingual speaker and need help improving your overall English fluency, please check out CCSF's extensive ESL offerings. For specific grammar and editing focus, consider ESL 75 and ESL 85, and look for ESL 95, coming soon!

While you don't have to take them in sequence, 26A is a foundational course to work with sentence and word level basics; 26B addresses compound and complex sentence structure, and 26C covers more advanced use of verbal phrases. Each class overlaps the other a bit. Please contact me for a recommendation as to the best class for you.

four panel comic strip of two miners realizing they don't know any other verbs besides mining.

Dialogue in Image:

  • Miner 1: Hey, I just learned a new word. It's called a verb.
  • Miner 2: What's a verb?
  • Miner 1: It's like an action word.
  • Miner 2: Do you know any?
  • Miner 1: I think I know one.....mining!
  • Miner 2: Do you know any more?
  • Miner 1: No.

ENGL 26: English Grammar and Sentence Combining

2019-30-ENGL-YOUNG-ENGL26- 37866-001-2019-01-14.doc