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HLTH 48: Violence as a Public Health Issue

Offered Spring 2014.  Starts January 27 and runs through May 19.

This course is a fast-paced and interactive course that examines violence and violence prevention from a public health perspective.  A few things you might want to know right away:
  • There are two required books, Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun by Geoffrey Canada and Youth Violence:Theory, Prevention and Intervention by Kathryn Seifert.  You can get them at the bookstore, or online, or used, or in the library.  There is also a required Reader, which will be available at Copy Edge - or may be offered as online links in Insight instead.
  • This course really does have homework - you have a couple of short papers to write, regular quizzes, a take-home final, two group projects - what I offer you in return is some confidence that you will really learn something.
  • The course offers a mixture of skills useful for working in a violence-prevention workplace, with more conceptual knowledge and information about violence.

Sample syllabus posted below.  An updated syllabus for Spring 2014 will be posted in December 2013.

Please note:  in the past, this course has required a Service Learning Project.  Due to cut-backs at the college, now the service-learning component is optional.

For Final Exam: 
For my HLTH 48 students!  Please fill this out with contact info for the organization you are examining for the final:
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