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None TEXTBOOKS (Visit the Art 118 Book link in the Course Schedule for more information)
Wayne Craven, American Art: History and Culture (new or used, current or earlier edition)
Sylvan Barnet, A Short Guide to Writing About Art (new or used, current or earlier edition) Both are available at the City College of San Francisco Bookstore (new window), as well as through the publishers or online vendors. MAJOR LEARNING OUTCOMES
  1. Identify and analyze the formal visual elements and techniques of individual works of art in different media.
  2. Define the various styles of American Art, and demonstrate the ability to compare and contrast stylistic aspects and trends.
  3. Evaluate works of art in relation to the sociological, religious, historical, and cultural context in which they were created.
  4. Identify individual works of art and architecture by pivotal American artists.
  5. Summarize and distinguish the concepts that define the American visual tradition, and demonstrate the ability to discuss and assess these concepts contextually.
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