How does the TAP (Transfer Alliance Program) application for UCLA work?

Assuming your are certified as outlined above, do your GE requirements, and and do all of your major prep. courses,  the UCLA TAP program will give you priority admission status when applying to the University of California, Los Angeles.  It will also allow you to apply for a non-impacted alternate major (should you not get in to your 1st choice).  Finally, it will allow you to qualify to apply for a UCLA TAP scholarship.  If you wish to attend UCLA starting in the fall you will need to apply during the preceding year through normal means by the regular fall deadline (usually November 30th). In addition to the regular UCLA application, you will also need to fill out a TAP Certification Form. Your TAP Certification Form will not be due until the beginning of the spring semester immediately preceding the fall you intend to start at UCLA. Once you return from winter break and have your fall grades drop by the CCSF Honors Office with your official or unofficial transcripts by the deadline. Be sure to fill out a TAP Certification Form when you drop off your transcripts. After reviewing your entire transcripts the CCSF Honors Coordinator will determine if you are eligible for the TAP program. Among other things, he will be checking to be sure you have completed or intend to complete 15 units of UC transferable honors work before you graduate from CCSF and that your overall CCSF GPA is 3.0 or higher. Assuming you get the approval and sign-off of the Honors Program Coordinator, you will be asked to meet with a counselor in the Transfer Center in the Science Building. The transfer counselor will need to sign the TAP Certification Form too after carefully reviewing all of your supporting documents and advising you through the TAP process. This form should then be sent to UCLA. If you are accepted by the TAP program, your application to UCLA will be given priority treatment. You may also be eligible for a scholarship. It should be noted that acceptance into the TAP program is not “guaranteed admission”. For more information about UCLA’s TAP program please visit the web page they sponsor on the topic: http://www.ugeducation.ucla.edu/tap

Is it acceptable for a student to complete all of the 15 units required for the UCLA TAP (Transfer Alliance Program) certification during her/his last spring semester at CCSF?

No. At least 6 of the 15 required UC transferable honors program units must be completed by the end of the fall semester the academic year before the student wants to begin at UCLA. So for example if a student wants to start at UCLA in the fall of 2014, s/he must complete at least 6 honors units of the required 15 honors units by the end of fall 2013 in order to be TAP certified. The remaining 9 units can be completed in the spring of 2014.  All coursework must be taken for a letter grade.

Where can I acquire a UCLA TAP Certification Form?

Please go to http://www.ugeducation.ucla.edu/tap/ and you can download a form today.