Information About Joining the Yahoo Group

How would you like to join the CCSF Honors Program Mailing List?

The purpose of the CCSF Honors Program mailing list is to periodically inform CCSF Honors Program students of scholarship opportunities, four
year college priority admissions opportunities, and other benefits of the Honors Program at CCSF. We will also use the list to keep you updated on
deadlines for the program and information about upcoming conferences and symposiums.

Directions for Joining
It is easy. All you have to do is follow the link below and follow the directions:

You will need to click “Join This Group.” We call it a mailing list, but Yahoo likes to also call it a Yahoo Group.
If you do not currently have a Yahoo account they will ask you to start one. Although you will need to start a Yahoo account, you do not have to have the
messages sent to your Yahoo e-mail address. They will ask you what e-mail address to send it to. You can have them sent to almost any e-mail address
you choose. Please make sure your SPAM blocker does not block messages from Yahoo. You can adjust the settings on your SPAM filter so that messages
from the mailing list get through.

If you choose to receive messages from an e-mail address other than your Yahoo address, Yahoo may have you confirm that your e-mail address is indeed
your e-mail address. This process is easy, but there are a few steps. Once you get your Yahoo account set up you will need to login before you can join the
mailing list.

This is a mailing list for the City College of San Francisco Honors Program. Only the Honors Program Coordinator can post to this mailing list.
Students cannot post to this list.
Thank you for joining.

Please e-mail if you have any questions.