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Honors Program FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions about the Honors Program

The FAQ section is a good place to start a search for an answer to your question. However, if you need further information about the Honors Program, please do not hesitate to e-mail the CCSF Honors coordinator, Sami Kudsi at skudsi@ccsf.edu. 

When are Honors Contract proposal forms due for this semester?

The Deadline for Honors Contract Proposals for Spring 2018  is Friday, March 16, 2018 at noon.

It is best to have the professor mail them to the Honors Program (Mail Box L221)
via CCSF Campus Mail. Alternatively, you may hand deliver them to our office
(Cloud Hall - Room 214. If we are not in you may slip them under the door.).
Please make sure the professor, the department chair, and the student have
signed the contracts before you send them in. Also, please make sure that all
information is filled out completely. Late contracts and contracts missing
signatures will not be accepted. Blank forms can be downloaded off our web
page. Please address questions to skudsi@ccsf.edu. Thanks.

Please note that we only offer honors in the fall and spring,  but not in the summer.

When are your Office Hours?

Please follow this link for that information:  https://sites.google.com/a/mail.ccsf.edu/sami-kudsi/home

When are UCLA TAP Certification forms due for students wishing to attend UCLA in the Fall 2018? 

When are UCLA TAP Certification forms due for students wishing to attend UCLA in the Fall 2018? 
The deadline is Feb. 8, 2018 at noon.  The  form needs to be submitted to the Honors Program Office (Cloud Hall - Room 214). The form is a fill-able PDF and is available now at:  http://www.ugeducation.ucla.edu/tap/certification.htm

Please include all unofficial college transcripts when turning in the form. 

After the Honors Program Coordinator reviews and signs the form, students need to process the form by making an appointment to meet with a Counselor at the Transfer Center in Science Building 132.  TAP Certification Appointments are available through February 15, 2018.  The deadline is Feb. 15, 2018.
Late forms will not be accepted.  Please contact Sami Kudsi (skudsi@ccsf.edu) if you have any questions.

How does the TAP (Transfer Alliance Program) application for UCLA work?

Assuming your are certified as outlined above, do your GE requirements, and and do all of your major prep. courses,  the UCLA TAP program will give you priority admission status when applying to the University of California, Los Angeles.  It will also allow you to apply for a non-impacted alternate major (should you not get in to your 1st choice).  Finally, it will allow you to qualify to apply for a UCLA TAP scholarship.  If you wish to attend UCLA starting in the fall you will need to apply during the preceding year through normal means by the regular fall deadline (usually November 30th). In addition to the regular UCLA application, you will also need to fill out a TAP Certification Form. Your TAP Certification Form will not be due until the beginning of the spring semester immediately preceding the fall you intend to start at UCLA. Once you return from winter break and have your fall grades drop by the CCSF Honors Office with your official or unofficial transcripts by the deadline. Be sure to fill out a TAP Certification Form when you drop off your transcripts. After reviewing your entire transcripts the CCSF Honors Coordinator will determine if you are eligible for the TAP program. Among other things, he will be checking to be sure you have completed or intend to complete 15 units of UC transferable honors work before you graduate from CCSF and that your overall CCSF GPA is 3.0 or higher. Assuming you get the approval and sign-off of the Honors Program Coordinator, you will be asked to meet with a counselor in the Transfer Center in the Science Building. The transfer counselor will need to sign the TAP Certification Form too after carefully reviewing all of your supporting documents and advising you through the TAP process. This form should then be sent to UCLA. If you are accepted by the TAP program, your application to UCLA will be given priority treatment. You may also be eligible for a scholarship. It should be noted that acceptance into the TAP program is not “guaranteed admission”. For more information about UCLA’s TAP program please visit the web page they sponsor on the topic: http://www.ugeducation.ucla.edu/tap

Is it acceptable for a student to complete all of the 15 units required for the UCLA TAP (Transfer Alliance Program) certification during her/his last spring semester at CCSF?

No. At least 6 of the 15 required UC transferable honors program units must be completed by the end of the fall semester the academic year before the student wants to begin at UCLA. So for example if a student wants to start at UCLA in the fall of 2014, s/he must complete at least 6 honors units of the required 15 honors units by the end of fall 2013 in order to be TAP certified. The remaining 9 units can be completed in the spring of 2014.  All coursework must be taken for a letter grade.

Where can I acquire a UCLA TAP Certification Form?

Please go to http://www.ugeducation.ucla.edu/tap/ and you can download a form today.

Where can I get the UCLA ID # indicated on the UCLA TAP Certification Form ?

Leave this blank.  The Honors Coordinator and / or Transfer Counselors will fill this in for you since they have this number on record.

When are proposals due for the Bay Honors Consortium Symposium at University of California, Berkeley?:

Event DateMay 3rd is the date of the BHC Symposium at Cal.  See http://www.losmedanos.edu/honors/research/

:  Cal (AKA UCB)

Proposal Submission Deadline
: February 14, 2018

For more details:


This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your resume by presenting one or more of your best honors projects at an intercollegiate event attended by community college honors students and professors from all over California.  The event also features an admissions workshop hosted by Cal and much more.  Even if you do not present at the event,  you will find attendance very rewarding and helpful.  In 2013 this event will be held at Stanford University.

Can I take some of my honors credits at another community college?

Seven of the 15 transferable honors units can come from another accredited community college with an Honors Program.

What are the benefits of the program?

You will find your membership with the CCSF Honors Program will bring you many benefits. It should give you an edge in applying for scholarships, jobs, and admission to colleges and universities. It will also allow you to work on interesting and more intense projects with CCSF faculty. These projects will better prepare you for transfer and employment.

How do I join the program?

Simply fill out a sign up form which you can download from this website. You do not have to wait to hear from us to start taking honors classes.

What are the requirements to join?

You must meet one of the following criteria: 
College GPA of 3.0 
SAT of 1650 (1100 if taken pre-Spring 2005) or higher 
ACT of 24 or higher. 
Advanced placement courses in high school with a score of 4 or higher. 
TOEFL of 500 (Paper Based), 61 (Internet Based), 173 (Computer Based) or higher

Please be sure to include all test scores with your application.

Can I get in based on my high school GPA alone?

Unfortunately high school GPA alone will not get you into the program. If you have just graduated from high school and have not taken the SAT, AP tests, ACT, or TOEFL, you must wait one semester to apply.

Can I get in based on grades from another college or university?

Yes. Simply include a copy of your transcripts with your application. Your GPA must be at least a 3.0.

I have attended several colleges and universities.  My GPA at CCSF is below 3.0, but when I calculate my cumulative GPA including all of my college work at various institutions of higher learning, I have a 3.0 GPAAm I eligible for the program.?

Yes.  And the reverse is true also. You can count or not count your work at other institutions depending on whether or not it helps you qualify.  Copies of unofficial transcripts should be included with your application.

Once I have been accepted, how can I take advantage of the program right away?

If it pleases you do not hesitate to begin listing this membership on your resume and job applications. If and when you apply to transfer to various colleges and universities you may consider listing "City College of San Francisco Honors Program" in the "Memberships and Organizations" section of your application. 

Am I required to finish all 15 units to be in the program?

Although membership in the Honors Program is an accomplishment in and of itself, there is still an additional goal you might consider. If you complete a total of 15 units of honors work before you leave CCSF, you could apply to have Honors Certification designated on a certificate. This means that you can list "with honors program certification" next to your degree or GPA on resumes, job applications, or college/university applications. In the event that you actually complete a CCSF Associates Degree including at least 15 units of honors work, you can list "graduated with honors program certification" next to your degree. We will also place the line “Completed Honors Program” on your transcripts the when you complete the 15 units. In addition to Certification, by completing 15 units you may be eligible to apply for transfer privileges with our Honor Transfer Partners. This will make you a more competitive candidate when applying for colleges and universities. If you finish 15 units you should fill out an Application for Honors Graduation or Certification so that it will be reflected on a certificate. You should also include this fact with your application to transfer institutions. It should be noted that while completing 15 units is an admirable goal, it is by no means required for basic membership. Your membership is not at risk in any way if you do not complete the full 15 units. The word “HONORS” will appear on your transcripts next to all honors classes/contracts you complete, even if you finish less than 15 units. You must have at least a 3.0 overall GPA to apply for certification.

One way to think of it is that Honors Program membership alone gives you an edge, but having Honors Certification as well (completing 15 units or more) gives you an even sharper edge. Both are useful. Every time you complete an honors section or complete an honors contract at CCSF, it will be 
reflected on your CCSF transcripts. So even if you complete less than 15 units, your transcripts will still look more impressive than if you had never completed any honors courses at all. This is an especially desirable option for students who enter the Honors Program towards the end of their careers at CCSF.

After I get accepted, what is the next step? How do I know which classes offer honors credits?

If you have been accepted by our program, at this point our advice to you would be to begin signing up for as many honors courses as possible over the next few semesters. Courses which are offered for honors credit are designated in the CCSF Class Schedule. Also look under “H” for Honors. 
Please study the schedule carefully and look for the fine print which designates the honors contract option or section. There are two types of honors classes: Honors Sections and Honors Contracts. Honors Sections require that all students in the section complete honors work and carry honors credit for all students in the section. Honors contracts only require honors work for those students whom opt to do the extra / different project in order to receive honors credit. Both Honors Sections and Honors Contracts give you the same amount of honors credit. Please make sure that all of the honors courses you take at CCSF will transfer to the institutions you want to attend in the future. You may want to check with the Transfer Center (Ocean Campus Science Building – Room 132 /Phone 415-239-3748) if you are not sure about whether a course you are planning to take transfers to the college or university of your choice.

How are the courses specifically different?

Generally speaking honors courses include work that is more challenging and interesting than the regular class might offer. If you have specific questions about a course, which is offered for honors credit, please contact the instructor by calling the general number for CCSF (415-239-3000) and asking to be connected to the instructor named in the CCSF Schedule of Classes. The Honors Program office does not keep specific information about individual courses. 

How do I get started on an honors contract?

First off, you only need to do an Honors Contract if you are in a section with an Honors Contract Option. If you are in an Honors Section and everyone is doing honors work, a contract is not applicable. If you are in an Honors Option section, it should be indicated in the CCSF Schedule of Classes. Occasionally some instructors who are not listed in the Schedule of Classes as offering honors contract options will announce to their classes that they are willing to do honors projects. The next step is to sit down with your instructor and decide on a mutually agreeable project. Broad criteria for a good project are included with the Honors Contract form. Specific criteria are determined by your instructor. While the Honors Program enforces the broad criteria the specific criteria are up to your instructors. Some instructors may ask for your input in this area. Once you have decided on a project with your instructor, simply fill out the top portion of the Honors Contract form and send it to the Honors Program office (Cloud 214, Mail Box L221). At the end of the 
semester the Honors Program office will send the form back to your instructor for his/her signature. Assuming you have completed the project, the Honors Contract form will be signed as completed and you will get honors credit on your transcripts for that course.

Can a student earn honors credit in a class that does not transfer to any colleges or universities?
No.  This would likely be a waste of time because Admissions Officers at colleges and universities typically ignore non-transferable coursework on the transcripts of transfer candidates.  Better to spend one's time elsewhere. 

Can a student apply for an honors contract in a class which is not listed in the Honors Program portion of the CCSF Class Schedule?

As long as a student is able to acquire approval of the instructor and the department chair (for the department that the class is housed in) via signatures on the proposal portion of the contract, this is an acceptable option.

If I am doing an honors contract, when are the projects due?

All deadlines for honors projects are to be determined by your instructor.

When are the honors contract forms due?

The top portion of the Honors Contract form (the project proposal) should be filled out and turned in to the honors office by mid-semester. The exact deadline will be published on our Yahoo! Gruop mailing list.  The top portion describes only a proposed project. Once the project is completed by the deadline specified by your instructor, the bottom portion of the Honors Contract form (Honors Certification) will be turned in to the Honors Program Office by the end of the semester. Once the Honors Program has recorded and approved your proposals they are sent back to your instructor for Certification (assuming you complete the project in a satisfactory manner).

How can I find out information about the content of an honors course?

The CCSF Catalog can give you basic information about a course. Beyond that you will need to get a copy of the syllabus from the instructor of the course. The CCSF Honors Program does not keep this information.

If I have been admitted to the program, do I need to apply again the following semester?

No. Assuming your GPA remains at the 3.0 or higher level, you will continue to be in the Honors Program and need not apply again. If your GPA falls below 3.0 please re-apply for the program once your GPA has recovered.

I want to apply to a college which CCSF has no specific honors agreement. Will taking honors classes still be a benefit?

Yes. Please note that even if the college you want to transfer to is not listed as having an agreement with CCSF, doing honors work will still look good on your transcripts and could give you an edge when applying for admission/scholarships. Every honors course you take will be designated and should be impressive to admissions officers, regardless of the school. CCSF currently has transfer agreements with UCLA, SFSU, Mills College, CSU-East Bay, UCI, SDSU, Pacific University, Whitman College, and Saint Mary's College.

Does my honors designation appear on my transcripts when I print them off the web?

Yes. They appear on the Web 4 transcripts and the official transcripts.  The honors designation will not appear on your report cards (Web 4 calls this 'Final Grades'). We apologize for this inconvenience.

Will the Honors Program professors work with all CCSF students on honors projects?

This is often the case, but there are certainly some exceptions. Some professors are so popular with honors students that they cannot work with everyone that wants to do honors projects with them. They may give you a test and work with only the top scorers. Others may have various other criteria. Some professors will not work with students on honors projects who have not earned a CCSF GPA of 3.0 or higher (your GPA goes on the honors contract form so that is how they know about it). The best way to find out is to ask them. The CCSF website (http://www.ccsf.edu/Info/Dir/dir.shtml) has every professor's e-mail address and phone number on it so you should ask them.

What are the specific benefits of the Honors Program in terms of some of the more popular schools CCSF Honors Program students typically apply to?

Although your Honors credits will impress almost any college of university admissions officer, if CCSF has an honors transfer partnership with that school you may receive additional benefits. Students in the Honors Program who complete 15 units in Honors Program may qualify for the following transfer privileges. Consult the Transfer Center or the Honors Program Office for specific requirements and deadlines. In most cases students are also required to do their General Education Requirements and in some cases (especially UCLA) they are also strongly advised to do their major preparation (see assist.org for more information on major preparation). Please note that even if the college you want to transfer to is not listed here, doing honors work will still look good on your transcripts and could give you an edge when applying for admission/scholarships. In addition to the 15 honors units, students who wish to apply must have a minimum 3.0 GPA to qualify for all partnerships with the exception of Mills College and St. Mary’s, which require a 3.5 GPA for scholarship opportunities.

Can Honors Program classes be taken with a credit / no credit grading option?

"CCSF students taking honors courses for a credit / no credit grading option may not count those honors units towards honors certification (e.g. UCLA TAP Certification, CCSF Graduation Certification, Etc.)."

This means that starting in fall 2010 CCSF Honors Program students should opt to get a letter grade in their honors classes if they want their classes to count towards certification of any kind. Students can still take classes credit / no credit and earn honors in those classes as long as they do not plan to use them towards certification.

Courses which cannot be taken for a letter grade (i.e. courses that are only available on a credit / no credit basis basis) can not be taken for honors credit.

What is the CCSF Honors Program's Policy on Plagiarism?

CCSF Honors Program Plagiarism Policy:


Any student in the CCSF Honors Program found guilty of plagiarism will be removed permanently from the program.  For information on the definition of plagiarism please see the CCSF Catalog.

Can honors credits be earned in the summer?
No.  We are closed for the summer in terms of processing honors contracts and no honors credits will be awarded for summer semester.

How can I get information about Alpha Beta Gamma at CCSF?

ABG Zeta Chapter is an excellent honors society at CCSF aimed at Business & Economics majors, although all members are welcome.

If you need information about CCSF's Alpha Beta Gamma (ABG) Business Honors Society including the next meeting time, date, location etc. please e-mail zetabeta.abg@gmail.com.

Please visit their web site:  http://www.ccsf.edu/Organizations/Alpha_Beta_Gamma_Club/

The faculty adviser for ABG is Professor Dennis Mullen (e mail dmullen@ccsf.edu).  He can be contacted via e-mail or called at 415-452-4731.

What is AGS ?

City College is home to the Omega chapter of Alpha Gamma Sigma, the California Community College Honor Society. 

Our chapter was founded in 1935. The chapter fosters scholarship, character and service. 

To be a member, students must have completed 12 hours of college credit and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 

Members participate in many activities, including food and clothing drives, a teacher appreciation gala, college convocations, the regional and state conventions of AGS, etc. Alpha Gamma Sigma welcomes your participation and looks forward to seeing you at its next meeting. 

For further information, please contact AGS adviser Professor Fred Teti (e mail fteti@ccsf.edu)  at phone (415) 239-3357 or Professor Chris Kox (e mail ckox@ccsf.edu) at phone (415) 452-5519.

To find out when the latest meeting will be,  please contact the faculty advisers or contact AGS officers via e mail at agsccsf@gmail.com.

What is Voices Like Yours ?

This web resource is run by a CCSF Professor of the Social Sciences Department.
The function is to give students the opportunity to submit for possible
publication their favorite papers. Please read the rules & regulations
carefully, since there are some stipulations and not everything will be

Voices Like Yours

How can I join the CCSF Honors Program Google + group?

If you have a Google account, go to the following link to join.  Our screen name for Google + is 'Rams Honors':


I am currently a student attending CCSF, and was wondering if you knew anything about UC Berkeley's Transfer Alliance Project ?  How would I join this program? Are there any requirements or any extra work needed to join?

The UCB TAP Program is not an honors program, but it is a very pragmatic program.  Since it is not an honors program we do not give out information about it directly, but rather refer you to their coordinator.   Christina Tinsley, TAP Coordinator, ctinsley@berkeley.edu, (510)529-9658 can answer all your questions.

I am a student at CCSF and would like to complete an honors contract this semester,  but I do not qualify due to a low GPA or no GPA.  Can I still participate?

For an honors by contract section,  assuming your instructor and the department chair (for the department that houses the course you wish to earn honors in) both sign the contract despite the low GPA, you can complete the honors contract proposal.   After that the contract would be handled like any other honors contract at the college (see above for details).  If it is an honors section this is a non-issue, since everyone in the honors section earns an honors credit if they pass the class with a C or higher.  You do not need to have a particular GPA to take an honors section.  All students in an honors section are required to complete the honors version of the course.

What transfer agreements do we have with other schools?

Mills College, Oakland (Requires 3.5 GPA)

* Priority Admission 
* Renewable Annual Scholarship Opportunities (Ranging from $10,000 to $12,500) 
* Honors Credit for Mills Classes while still at CCSF

San Francisco State University
Guaranteed Admission to select non-impacted programs.
Library privileges while still at CCSF.
Eligibility to apply for a transfer scholarship of up to $ 4000.00 if eligible for financial aid.

UCLA:Transfer Alliance Program
Priority consideration for admission to the College of Letters and Science. International students and applicants for impacted majors are not guaranteed priority admission consideration, but may be admitted to a second major if prerequisites have been met.
27 $8000 scholarships if eligible for financial aid.
TAP Conference, November: an organized visit to the campus to prepare students to transfer.
On UC application under “Transfer Admissions Programs,” enter the code UCLA Transfer Alliance Program, and under “Release Authorization,” check “college counselor.”
Must fill out UCLA TAP Certification Form (see forms section of this document) See http://www.college.ucla.edu/up/tap/ for more details.

UC, Irvine:Community College Transfer Program
Priority admission consideration for the university and the Honors Program.
Guaranteed housing.
Spring transfer workshop.
On UC application under “Transfer Admissions Programs,” enter the code for UCI Honors Transfer Program, and under “Release Authorization,” check “college counselor.”

California State University, East Bay (formerly Hayward)
Guaranteed admission for select non-impacted programs.  
Textbook stipend.
Dual admission, library privileges, CSUH honors courses while still at CCSF.

San Diego State University
Accepts community college honors course credit toward SDSU Honors Certificates.
Registration is facilitated for SDSU Honors Program members.

Pacific University (Forest Grove, Oregon)
$15,000 merit scholarship; additional merit scholarships and financial aid available.
Facilitated campus visits.

Whitman College (Walla Walla, Washington)
10 Merit Scholarships of $16,000 to $20,000; financial aid also available.
Facilitated campus visits.
Guaranteed housing in transfer dorms.
Whitman is a top-rated liberal arts college.

Saint Mary’s College (Requires 3.5 GPA)

* Renewable $8000 Honors at Entrance Scholarship. 
* $55 admission application fee is waived 
* Complimentary access to the SMC library facilities prior to transfer 
* Guaranteed on-campus housing

UC Berkeley

* Although CCSF does not have a written agreement with UCB, during various meetings with administrators at UCB we have been informed that Honors Program participation is considered during the admissions process. Mr. Sami Kudsi, CCSF Honors Program Coordinator has met with both UCB’s Northern California Transfer Specialist and UCB’s Director of Undergraduate Admissions to explain the goals of the Honors Program and has been received favorably. Mr. Kudsi helped the Transfer Specialist design a handout about the Community College Honors Programs which is given to undergraduate admissions readers.