• Section 8E1: 8/12 - 9/30
  • Section 8E2: 10/9 - 11/24
  • Section 8E3: 10/9 - 11/24
A+ Student

Instructor Information

Name: Elizabeth Stewart

PLEASE CONTACT ME THROUGH COURSE EMAIL: Use the following as back-up only: estewart@ccsf.edu

Office Hours: email instructor to make an appointment. Weekdays and weekends are available if needed

Location: Phone, Course Conferencing Tools, Skype, Google Hang-outs, Office R-230B

Orientation: On-campus orientation for new or previously unsuccessful online students,  although all are encouraged to attend. An online version of the orientation is online for experienced students.

 On-Campus Orientation: Date, Time, and Place: see Orientation Info page, or Instructor Newsletter on the homepage of the course for details


Required Textbook: 

You can buy the custom version of the textbook, Successful Online Learning, OR you can still use the older, used version - E-Learning Companion, 3rd edition.

CCSF Ocean Campus Bookstore offers the following
  • new or used copies of Successful Online Learning at City College of San Francisco
  • new or used copies E-Learning Companion 3rd edition 
  • Rentals
  • E-Versions
Amazon.com offers
  • E-Learning Companion 3rd edition, sometimes under $4.00
CCSF Rosenberg Library
  •  reserve copies available to students

Course Materials:

Computer with internet access. Most computers these days meet the requirements needed  for online courses, but you can check the following Distance Learning webpage if needed:


Prior Experience and Skills

To succeed in any online course, you should have some experience using a computer for

  • internet access 
  • word-processing 

Course Purpose

This course is designed to help students be successful online learners. It targets students who are new to taking online courses and those who previously failed or dropped out of an online course.

Most students fail because of having one or more of the following problems with

  • time-management
  • procrastination
  • motivation
  • misconceptions about online course work
  • goal-setting for online success

This course is designed to help students with these and other problems related to online learning.

Course Goals

My goal for you is to ace this course. By doing that, you will leave this course with a repertoire of skills which you will be able to use to optimize your success as an online student. You will be able to use many of these skills to increase your success in all college courses and your life at large.

After full participation you will have a realistic attitude about the demands of online learning and have mastered the ability to achieve the the following, which are the major student learning outcomes (SLOs) for the course:

A. Appraise navigation and computer literacy skills and apply to online learning

B. Create and evaluate time management schedules for online study

C. Examine and adjust personal motivation and attitude for self-directed learning

D. Construct positive and effective relationships with instructor and classmates using online communications

E. Evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses in study skills management for online courses and set goals for positive changes

F. Evaluate and balance academics, work, family and other commitments

Course Learning Units include:

Technology Skills

  • Navigation of online course  using the CCSF Course Management System (CMS), Insight.
  • Use of basic CMS basic tools, such as Email, Discussion Forums  Chat Rooms, Assignments, Quizzes
  • Accessing Instructions, Instructor Newsletter, course materials, resources, and external internet links

Time Management and Motivation

  • Weekly and semester planning
  • Finding your optimal study time
  • Increasing motivation
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Self-directed learning
  • Expectations for online learning
  • Goal setting


  • Communicating with other students
  • Group learning
  • Communication with the instructor
  • Online etiquette

Course Schedule (there may be minor changes to this schedule, which will be announced w/n the course)

Week 0: Orientation

Week 1: Course Information and Overview

Week 2: Creating a Plan for Online Success

Week 3: Selecting the Right Opportunities for Online Learning

Week 4: Time Management Strategies

Week 5: Developing Positive Online Relationships

Week 6: Maintaining Motivation in an Online Course, Goodbyes, and Final Test (The final test is open for the whole week & may be completed anytime during that one week time frame.You have two hours to complete it once it is opened.)


LERN 55 8E1: 9/26 - 9/30  The exam will be available for access all week and stay open for two hours once open.

LERN 55 8E2: 12/12 - 12/16 The exam will be available for access all week and stay open for two hours once open.

LERN 55 8E3:12/12 - 12/16 The exam will be available for access all week and stay open for two hours once open.

Don’t Just Learn About It, Do It.

This class does not just teach you about these skills. You will practice them and apply what you learn to this class and other online classes. Much of what you learn will also be useful in on-campus courses, at work and in life, generally

Grading Policy

Grades are based on the standard percentage basis

90 – 100% = A, 80 – 89% = B, 70 – 79% = C, 60 – 69 % = D, 60% or less is F

The following demonstrates the estimated percent value of LERN 55 activities.

This table shows in percentages how your participation in the class will be graded

Orientation participation        10%

Discussion Forums including
Group Project, Final Post & Assignment Uploads       40%            

Quizzes           40%        

Final Test                             10%

NoteFull participation in the discussion forums is required in posts that are graded out of 100, which is the majority of the posts, and in the credit/no credit posts.

Your full participation positively affect your mid-term and final grade.  For example, 90% and above, earns a midterm or final grade of "A";  80 - 90 % is a "B." But, say you receive 86%, or 87%, which is a B+ --remember, a  plus or minus in midterms and finals is not given --your complete participation, including the credit/no credit posts and discussion forum responses to classmates' posts could, depending on instructor discretion, make the difference between an "A" or a "B."

Course Activities

Weekly Assignments will include Reading, Discussions, Assignment Uploads, Quizzes

You can see from the grading box how course activities are graded. Note that participation in the weekly assigned discussion forums are a large part of your grade. The discussion forums create a dynamic online community between you, your classmates, and the instructor, and they replace classroom discussion.  There will also be weekly quizzes and some weeks will include more formal written assignments. It is mandatory to complete all. Assignments and discussions will be based on a weekly reading and your application of that reading to your own life, by trying out the strategies and techniques.

There will be no midterm as this is a short six-week course. During the last week, there will be a final test

Disability and Special Needs

If you are disabled and need accommodations, you can get help if you are qualified. To be evaluated, you must contact
Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS)

Instructor Contact

Contact me immediately if you have questions or concerns, if you need extra feedback, or help with the course.  I will get back to you within 24 hours during week days. Please use the course email, which is located in the right-hand sidebar of the course homepage. Or, use my CCSF email if you cannot access the course:


You can expect a reply every day of the work week, or the next day, depending on when you send your email. In the event of an instructor emergency, you will be contacted by the Learning Assistance Department chair.

In the event of an instructor emergency, the Distance Education Department will contact you, and you can contact the Distance Education co-ordinator at


Course Policies: Full Participation (or you can be Withdrawn or receive a Failing Grade)

Your full participation demonstrates whether you are achieving the student learning outcomes of the course, or not. You may receive a failing grade if you do not participate, or you may be dropped from the class on the census if you fail to show up online to participate in the online work. To avoid failing or being dropped, you must complete the weekly readings, and apply the techniques to your life before the weekly 11:55 PM Sunday deadline. To demonstrate that you have done these, you will also need to complete the following online activities before the deadline:

  • assigned discussion forum postings, assignment uploads, and online quizzes

Contact me prior to missing assignments if you have an emergency
  • Make arrangements with me to make up the work by an agreed upon deadline or to complete extra credit work during the last week of class.(Note that make-ups are limited to two discussion posts worth up to 100 discussion points each.)

· Do not post plagiarized work:

Plagiarism, the practice of submitting another person's work, without giving credit to that person, and thereby claiming it as your own, is a violation of academic integrity. A student can fail a class, or be sent to the dean for further discipline for this offense.

· It is your responsibility to apply for a Withdrawal (W) or you may receive an F for the course. Please contact me, immediately, to let me know if you are having difficulties or need to drop. I am here to help.

Have great time learning online from the comfort of your own home or your place of choice!