6. Instructor Biography

photo of Elizabeth Stewart

  • B. A. Anthropology
    San Francisco State University
  • M. A. Education - ( focus Educational Technology & Instructional Design)
    San Francisco State University
  • Certificate in Teaching English as a Second  Language Certificate
    University of California, Berkeley ext.

I have been a City College of San Francisco instructor since 1999 and have taught College Success (LERN 50) in the classroom, online, and as a telecourse. I also teach Successful Online Learning (LERN 55) to help new online students or those who did not do well in previous online courses.

I enjoy teaching online so that I can reach students who may otherwise not be able to attend college, or who do not have time to come to campus for all their classes. For example, my students include those who are incarcerated, single parents, disabled students, students who are juggling work, family, and school, and others who are too far away or just too busy to commute back and forth to campus so often.

My goals are to reach students who may otherwise be excluded, and to regularly remind myself that I am here to serve them.  I aim to address their needs to achieve success in college and in life, generally. I enjoy sharing my love of learning and also encourage students to overcome obstacles or barriers in their lives which hinder success. 

Other work I do includes hosting and teaching ESL to international students.

In my leisure time, I enjoy reading, walking on the beach, writing, music, and singing in a choir.

I also enjoy intellectual inquiry such as the ongoing debate about the connection between quantum physics and consciousness, human evolutionary theory, and more.