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Summer 2017 Teaching Schedule
ESL 120 Low-Intermediate Academic ESL 6.0
53295 001 Lec MTWRF 09:10-12:30PM 06/12-07/21 MUB A371 Deadlines Book

Practice these exercises from the ESL Student Wiki:

7/18 More to study:

study the intermediate level exercises

7/12 Adverbs - Another Youtube video by Schoolhouse Rock

7/7 Relative Clauses - This is advanced but the first five Relative Clauses exercises should be helpful

7/5 Articles - a, an, the practice

A Noun's a Person Place or Thing -
Youtube video by Schoolhouse Rock

Unpack your Adjectives - Youtube video by Schoolhouse Rock

6/21Typing Do's and Don'ts - Just for Fun

6/18 Fragments and Run-on sentences -
look for Sentence Combining and start at the top with the easiest.The resources below champ champ are not so good.
6/17 Phrasal Verbs - Quiz yourself on all the intermediate level exercises and quizzes!

6/16 Conjunction Junction - Youtube Video by Schoolhouse Rock

6/15 Irregular Verbs and Subject/Verb Agreement
6/13 Simple Past Tense and Past Progressive
6/12 Simple Present Tense and Present Progressive

The ESL Student Wiki-  This page is for noncredit students of all levels.  It has many indexes of free online resources, including listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and interesting videos.  It is a collaborative webpage so students can contribute. A website where many writers can join and edit pages is called a wiki.

Dan is trying to remember the irregular verbs.