Chem 32 - Online

Welcome to Chemistry 32, "Introduction to Medical Chemistry" - Online!

 In this course we will explore three major areas of chemistry – general chemistry (atoms, molecules, energy), organic chemistry (carbon compounds and their reactions), and biochemistry (proteins, sugars, and lipids – oh my!). In general, Chem 32 requires a lot of time and discipline. If you have chosen to take the course online, it is important that you recognize that although online might allow you more flexibility in when you do your work for the course, you still have the same amount of work to do. To ensure your success in this online course, you need to stay on top of the material. The course moves fast so you need to plan accordingly. 

NOTE: There are required in-person meetings for this class (4 midterm exams and 1 final exam). See the syllabus on Canvas (when the course starts) for dates and locations.