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Welcome to CDEV 53, Child Growth and Development! This is the first on-line course in the Child Development and Family Studies Department at City College, and I am very pleased to be teaching it.

For the Summer 2016 course, we will be meeting for two mandatory face-to-face sessions in MUB 255 on the Ocean Campus. This is a computer lab, so it is not necessary to bring a laptop. Summer is a compressed semester. The requirements are the same in less than half the number of weeks. It is intense!

The class is likely to be full. There is an electronic waiting list until the first day of instruction. After that, I'll also keep an interest list and will contact students if spots open up. As always, during the add period priority is determined by registration date.
The navigation bar to the left here has some sample assignments and readings. The class will have interactive assignments such as a weekly forum and quiz, in addition to readings and video. There is a sample syllabus attached at the bottom of this page. 
Since the fall 2014, we have been using a new text, Development of Children and Adolescents by Hauser-Cram, Nugent, Thies and Travers. 1st edition (2014). The CCSF Bookstore is carrying a soft cover black and white version. It is also available in loose-leaf format and as an ebook.

Looking forward to meeting you!


These sessions are for the orientation, the midterm (spring and fall, but not summer) and the final. They truly are mandatory!

Summer 2016: Face-to-face sessions are on Friday's from 2:00-5:00 pm on June 17th, and July 22nd.

New section added June 10th !!

We’ve just added an additional section of CDEV 53 online. The CRN is 53192.  It will meet on Thursdays, June 16th and July 21st  from 6:00-9:00 p.m. in MUB 255.

These two face-to-face meetings are truly mandatory. The course is quite fast-paced and being there for the orientation and final is absolutely required. Students who do not show up for the first session will be dropped. If the Friday 2:00-5:00 is a better time for you, that could be arranged. Please register for Thursday, and let me know to expect you on Friday.Both orientations will meet in MUB 255 on the Ocean campus.

The course on Insight will be open to registered students on Monday, June 13th, the first day of the semester. It would be helpful to take a look at the course, and 
get  your textbook before our first meeting. Textbook info is included here  If you are new to Insight,
you should receive a welcome email from the Ed Tech Department.

All the best,

Sharon Marie Donovan,
Jun 10, 2016, 11:51 AM