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Cynthia Dewar has served on the faculty at City College of San Francisco since 1991. She served as the Director of Forensics and Speech Communication Coordinator for many years before being elected to serve as the Chair for the newly created Educational Technology Department in 2011. She also serves as the Distance Education Coordinator for CCSF. 

While her teaching load has decreased with an increase in administrative responsibilities, Cynthia values the time she spends in the classroom teaching one class in the Speech Communication Department. An advocate of distance education, she has taught online classes since 2002. Currently, Cynthia is teaching a hybrid-online Elements of Public Speaking class. The course focuses on the importance of public speaking in civic engagement. Emphasis will be placed on topics centered around social justice. Additionally, students will explore the influence of technology on the public speaking process in particular the influence of the web on information gathering and the use of digital media as a means to convey information. 

For information about classes that I am currently teaching or scheduled to teach in a future semester, please click on the link to the left specific to the class.

NOTE: Cynthia will be on sabbatical in Spring 2016.

Questions related to Speech should be directed to Sami Kudsi, the interim Speech Chair at

Questions about distance learning should be directed to Diana Markham, the interim Ed Tech Chair and the interim TMI/DE Coordinator, at