Academic Senate Committees

Academic Senate Master Calendar

Purpose and Goals:

Each committee meets in order to assist with information gathering and leadership in College-wide concerns related to academic and professional matters, also known as "the Title 5 10+1". Committee work also supports CCSF with meeting accreditation standards. Meetings are open to all. Committees report as needed to the Executive Council of the Academic Senate. The Academic Senate President reports matters to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees. Committee work is essential in supporting meaningful communication at CCSF.

 Vacancy List
Academic Senate Committee membership is open to all faculty, administration, classified staff and students. Faculty members are appointed by the Executive Council of the Academic Senate. Other members are appointed by their respective constituent leadership. Faculty openings are published in City Currents and emailed to faculty.

To join a committee faculty can submit an interest form at any time to the Academic Senate First Vice President, Fred Teti in Conlan Hall E202 --

Appointments to Committees:

A committee of the Executive Council is charged with reviewing submitted faculty interest forms and making committee nominations to the Executive Council, which then votes to make final appointments to committees. Committees with unlimited membership often have all interested faculty appointed to them. Committees with limited membership have members appointed so that diverse disciplines, departments, and backgrounds represent college and community needs and interests. Committee membership composition is listed on each committee's main page.

Choose the link in the left navigation area of any committee to find Committee information. You will see:
  • membership rosters,
  • descriptive purpose statements
  • websites,
  • agendas,
  • announcements,
  • minutes, and 
  • reports.

Current Contact: Academic Senate First Vice President Fred Teti

Last update: August 20, 2014