Welcome to my website!

I've been working in hospitality in the SF Bay Area for over twenty-five years and teaching at CCSF since 2005.
I started my career as a culinary apprentice under a French chef. I've  worked
in kitchens from Chez Panisse to the Claremont Hotel and China Moon Café, and in the Front-of-House as the manager of Zuni Cafe.  Wine is a major component of my work; I've done lists for several restaurants including Stars, Vertigo and Café Rouge. In addition to teaching at CCSF I continue to be actively involved in our industry, as Wine Director for Cafe Rouge in Berkeley and as a consultant. This summer I helped Top Chef alums Jen Biesty & Tim Nugent open their restaurant Shakewell in Oakland, and also created their wine list.
I am a regular participant on the Wine & Spirits Magazine tasting panel and have written for the magazine as well.
When not at school I'm hiking, tasting wine, shopping at  farmer's markets, cooking,  making jam or hunting for wild mushrooms. 

If you'd like to know more about me or my work:
How I got into this business
About my wine list consulting

My Teaching Schedule, Spring, 2015

 From ToLocation
CAHS 100
Intro to Hospitality

CAHS 205 Wine
Monday (Spring)
Back of Pierre Coste Dining Room

 CAHS 222
Beverage Mgmt

 CAHS 209
Restaurant Analysis
 CAHS 30 A Monday-Friday 10:10 2:00 Pierre Coste Dining Room