Request for participation in online, anonymous research study

Deadline for data collection is approaching (June 2014)
Participation is Greatly Appreciated!!
Motivational Styles and Behavior in Current and Former A.A. Members


My name is Meredith Bernfeld. I am a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Adelphi University. I am currently 
conducting a study looking at motivational styles and behavioral patterns in current and former Alcoholics Anonymous 
                                members. I am asking if you would be interested in taking part in this online study or willing to forward this information 
                                to others who may be interested in participating. 

                                I have included a link to AA’s “Memo on Participation of A.A. Members in Research and other Non-A.A. Surveys”             
                        for those who may be interested. The study is also hosted on a secure and 
                                closed network. This means that potential and actual participants IP address, names, etc., will not be collected; search
                                engines (e.g. Google) will not be able to view or index any content of the page; and all data collected will be encrypted
                                and transmitted through this closed network. Participation is open to all current and former AA members over 18 years
                                of age.

                                This study will ask participants to complete four short questionnaires as well as look at and write responses to five 
                                pictures of people in various situations. The entire study will take approximately 35-40 minutes. Once completed, a more 
                                detailed description about the study’s purpose will appear.  

                                As a participant, you will be contributing valuable information to science and to research on problem drinking. Participants 
                                are also eligible to win one of four $25 Amazon gift cards. Winners will be selected based on their participation number
                                matching the preselected winning number (e.g., 25th, 63rd, etc.). Winners will automatically receive a redemption code at
                                the end of the study. No personal information is needed to redeem the gift card. 

                                In advance, thank you for your consideration. Also, if you know someone who is a current or former A.A. member, and you
                                think they may be interested in participating in this study, I would greatly appreciate if you could forward this link to them. 
                                Please be aware that some people may be sensitive to receiving an email with the words Alcoholics Anonymous, so if you 
                                are uncertain, please do not forward this link. You can view the study’s information page and consent form by clicking the
                                URL links below. If you decide to participate, you will be automatically linked to the study following completion of the consent 

                               If you would like to speak with me, my faculty advisor or the Chair of Adelphi University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), 
                               we can be reached at the contact information below. All correspondence will be kept confidential.

                               URL Link to information on confidentiality and protecting anonymity:


                                URL link to consent form and study: 



                               Meredith Bernfeld, M.A.                               Rebecca Curtis, Ph.D.
                               Principal Investigator                                   Faculty Advisor
                               (347) 907-0190                                            (516) 877-4812 or (212) 496-4128 

This research has been reviewed and approved by the Adelphi University Institutional Review Board.
If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact 
Dr. Julie Altman, Chair of the Adelphi University IRB, at 516- 877-4344;

Derner Institute, Adelphi University, Hy Weinberg Center, Garden City, NY 11530