Bethpage will be using a Student Learning Objective (SLO).  A Student Learning Objective is an academic goal for a teacher's students representing the most important learning for the Physical Education Class.  SLOs must include a baseline performance data for each student, benchmarks to assess progress, and growth goal targets.  SLOs are developed collaboratively between principals and teachers that are aligned to New York State's Common Core, national or state standards.  Teachers' effectiveness scores for this component of their evaluation will be based upon the degree to which their goals are attained.

The students will be taking the PACER running exam to measure growth of their fitness level throughout the year.  The test will be given in September and May.

The students will take an assessment in a multiple choice format to determine knowledge gained at the culmination of the year.  This test will be given in Setember and May/June.
 PACER Assessment
Written Assessment