Stress inoculation training of emergency medical technicians: Scene based on an incident in the southern province of Thailand


The ImmerSense research group conducts research in the area of virtual reality (VR) and entertainment computing. The group was established by Dr. Mores Prachyabrued in 2016. Members have access to both professional- and consumer-level VR devices.

Interested students (both current and prospective) are welcome to contact Dr. Mores Prachyabrued.


The following devices are available for research:
  • Visual displays:
    • Reach-in style mirror-based display
    • NVIDIA 3D Vision monitors
    • Professional HMDs: Kaiser Proview XL50, Virtual Research V8, V6, and VR4
    • Consumer HMDs: OSVR HDK, Oculus Rift, and Vuzix VR920
  • Trackers:
    • Ascension Technology: trakStar, Flock of Birds, and laserBird
    • Polhemus: Fastrak and Isotrak II
    • OptiTrack Duo
    • Kinect, Razer Hydra, TrackIR, and Creative Senz3D
  • Datagloves: (and related)
    • CyberGlove and CyberTouch
    • Measurand ShapeHand
    • 5DT Glove
    • DG5-VHand, P5 Glove, and Leap Motion
  • Haptic devices: Phantom Omni