Science Fair Projects

Your questions should be decided on.  If you are still having trouble deciding on a question go to and click on the Topic Selection Wizard.  It can give you some inspiration (BUT YOU MAY NOT COPY AN EXPERIMENT YOU FIND ON IT, ONLY GET INSPIRATION)

Check out this site to see projects to avoid if you want to go to the county science fair:

The research will be done in the computer lab with Ms. Cole and Mr. Angood.  Wait to get started on it until then.  The hypothesis, variables, and procedure will be dependent on your research, so you may start jotting down your thoughts in your composition book, but do not finalize anything in your packet until your research is finished.

Rough Draft Due Dates:
Question: Sept 27th
Research, Hypothesis, Variables, Procedure: Oct 25th
Data, Conclusion: Nov 15th (if less time needed for the experiment to go, i.e. plants growing) Nov 29th (if more time is needed)

For Data and Conclusion you need to turn in:
-Science Fair Project Packet with:
        Data table summarizing your data
        Conclusion, answering your question and stating whether your hypothesis was supported or not
-Science composition book with:
        All your rough data and tables, and possibly the start of a graph to show your data (which will be required on your board)
        Thoughts and brainstormed ideas about your conclusion.

Final Display Board Due Date: Jan 12th

Contains all parts in rough draft and includes the following:

o    Correct spelling

o    Colorful

o   Borders or mats

o    Large enough print and title to be readable

o   Neat and professional looking

Science Fair Paper Due Date:  Jan 21st (lots of time is given in the computer lab and if the students are using their time wisely, no work will be needed to be done on this at home, except for possible copying and pasting of work they already typed up or photos, graphs, and data tables they would rather copy and paste from home than re-make).
Nov 30, 2010, 8:39 AM