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2.2. Feedback

This page allows you to view 10 latest feedbacks for all your projects. You can see feedback ID, title, amount of votes and comments for each feedback, its author and status, last update date. You can also edit or delete a feedback. In order to view and manage all feedback for each separate project you need to click "View all" button at the bottom of the corresponding list.

When you click on feedback title you will be taken to single feedback management page. Here you can see the project it belongs to, the date it was added and last updated, its author, status, which browser and operating system were used and whom its assigned to. Also you can view full feedback description, comments and history. You can also manage single feedback from this page:

  • Edit - this tab enables you to edit feedback details: change its status, assign it to one of your managers, change feedback type, edit its title and description
  • Change Status -  allows you to change feedback status to: pending, confirmed, can not reproduce, fixed, closed, implemented, won't implement. You can also leave comments concerning status change
  • Delete - enables you to delete feedback with all assigned data