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2.3. Beta Users

This is your beta users management page, it allows you to manage your users. Here you can view the list of your beta users, their e-mails, projects assigned to each separate user, whether the user is active or inactive (user is considered inactive if he has not followed the activation link sent to him by e-mail), actions (allows you to attach and detach user to/from your projects) Beta Users has two subsections: Invite Users and Export User.

  • Invite Users - when you click on "Invite Users" you will be taken to Beta Users Invitation Wizard. You will be able to send an invitation to your users/partners/customers in a few simple steps
    1. Select the projects you want to invite users to join
    2. Add emails of people you want to invite to join the selected projects
    3. Preview the list of emails the invitation will be sent to
    4. Review email template and make changes if needed. When you're done - proceed to send
    5. You will be notified that e-mails were sent successfully
  • Export Users - this function enables you to export users list to .csv file. Users are exported in "first name", "last name", "email" format
  • Approve Pending Beta Users - this function enables you to approve users who want to join your project. Please click here for details.