3.3.1. CodeGear RAD Studio (Delphi)

1. Download BetaEasy Package for Delphi 2007-2009 here

2. Run your IDE and compile BetaEasyAPI package (BetaEasyAPI.dpk)

You can find these packages in:

Source\Delphi11\BetaEasyAPI.dpk - for RAD Studio 2007
Source\Delphi12\BetaEasyAPI.dpk - for RAD Studio 2009


  • To compile BetaEasyAPI based applications, add BetaEasyAPI Source directory path to the "Library Path"
  • For Delphi 2007 add PNGImage directory path to the "Library Path"


3. Put BetaEasy component onto main form of your project. It will not work when placed in Data Module.

Set your API key(you can get from Project section under your BetaEasy account) to APIKey property of BetaEasy component in Object Inspector. Setup other settings on your own or use defaults.