3.2.3. Types

Here you can find the information about performing the service on the basis of the type of feedback, project or user.


complexType TFeedback {
integer project_id; // Project ID
integer id; // Feedback ID
string subject; // Feedback Subject
string url; // Public URL to feedback
integer votes; // Votes Quantity


complexType TProject {
integer id; // Project ID
string public_url; // Public Forum Url
string signup_url; // Beta Sign Up URL
string name; //Project Name
string identifier; // Project Identifier
string description; // Project Description
integer votes; // Votes Quantity


complexType TUser {
integer id; // User ID
string email; // Valid Email Address
string first_name; // First Name
string last_name; // Last Name
integer registered_at; // Registration Date (Unix Timestamp in GMT)