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Call 2 Calendar

"Call-2-Calendar" allows you to log phone call details, WITH YOUR COMMENTS, in a calendar of your choice. It's so easy to use!

The key benefit over similar apps: right after a phone call ends, the app will automatically ask you to provide a short comment (written or spoken), and add it to the calendar event's description. No need to remember or click anything.

You can also configure the app to ignore certain types of calls (i.e. not ask for your comment):
  • Incoming / outgoing / missing phone calls
  • Known contacts (all or specific ones)
  • Unrecognized numbers
This is the easiest way to add reminders to entries in your call log!

This app is especially useful for:
  • Call-related reminders
  • Customer billing
  • Phone bill checking
And it comes in 2 versions:
  • Free (with ads by Google AdMob)
  • Paid (ad-free, and extended with user requests)

Sample screenshots