A Selection of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

All Day Breakfast
Chilled orange or apple juice £1.10
Cereals: Cornflakes, Frosties, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, Rice Crispies  £2.20
Two eggs on two toast £2.95
Beans on two toast £2.95
Two scrambled eggs on two toast £3.20
Two poached eggs on two toast £3.20
Egg, beans and sausage £3.30
Egg, bacon and bubble £3.30
Egg, bacon and bubble and fried slice £3.80
Liver, bacon, tomato and bubble (3 slices)
Boiled bacon (cold), tomatoes, egg and chips £5.50
Marmalade, jam, marmite
Roll £0.60
Two Slices of toast £1.00
Two slices of bread £0.80

Create Your Own Breakfast
Choose from over twenty items to create your own individual breakfast. Our costumers come from miles to eat this legendary feast.
Fried egg, poached egg, scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, black pudding, liver, fried onions, chips, hash browns, beans, bubble, tin tomatoes, grilled tomatoes, ham, fried slice, toast, bread tea or coffee £6.95

Omelettes (3 eggs)  
Omelettes made to order and served with filling of your choice.
Accompanied with chips or side salad.
Plain omelette (v) £3.50
Spanish omelette (v) £4.60
Additional filling:
Cheese, ham, mushroom, onion, tomato, bacon


Jacket Potatoes  
A large jacket potato served on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.
Choose your own filling to suit your appetite.
Any one filling (v)
Cheese, beans, tuna, sweetcorn, coleslaw
Additional filling
Any one filling
Chilli con carne, prawns with seafood sauce, chicken curry, bolognaise

Freshly made rolls made to order. Served on crusty roll with sauces of your choice.
Sausage £2.20
Ham £2.20
Cheese (v)
Egg £2.20
Bacon £2.20
Egg and bacon £2.50
Beef £2.40
Boiled Bacon £2.40
Lamb £2.40
Chicken £2.40
Prawn and seafood sauce
Additional lettuce, tomato and cucumber filling
Individual fillings: sweetcorn, peppers, onions, cheese, pickle. £0.30

Freshly made sandwiches made to order. Served on thick sliced bread or toast with sauces of your choice.  
Ham £2.50
Cheese (v)
Egg and Bacon £3.10
Bacon £2.50
Beef £2.55
Boiled Bacon £2.90
Lamb £2.90
Tuna £2.80
Chicken £2.90
Prawn and seafood sauce £3.10
Additional lettuce, tomato and cucumber filling £0.30
Individual fillings: sweetcorn, peppers, onions, cheese, pickle. £0.30

Baguettes and Ciabattas  
Freshly made baguettes and ciabattas served with a side salad. Why not try them deliciously grilled and melting hot  
Bacon or egg or sausage
Egg and bacon
Egg, bacon and cheese
Bacon and cheese
Ham, cheese and tomato
Chicken, bacon and cheese
Cheese and tomatoes (v)
Tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise
Prawn and seafood sauce

Starters and Sides
Loaded potato wedges
Topped with bolognese and melted cheese
BBQ chicken wings
6 wings served on a bed of salad smothered with bbq sauce
Garlic bread
Garlic bread with melted cheese £1.75
Onion rings
Side salad
Portion of veg - under Maggie's home comforts
Soup of the day
vegetable, tomato or chicken
Prawn cocktail
Peeled prawns in seafood sauce on salad served with lemon and
brown bread (buttered)


From the Grill
Sirloin steak 8 oz - 10 oz
+ chips peas and onion rings
Rump steak 8 oz - 10 oz 
+ chips, peas and onion rings
Pork chops (2) 8 oz - 10 oz
+ two veg and potato of choice
Lamb chops (3)
+ two veg and potato of choice
Mixed grill
lamb cutlet, bacon, liver, sausage, egg, grilled tomato, chips and peas
Grilled salmon
+ two veg + potato of choice or chips, peas, lemon and tartar sauce
Grilled halibut
+ two veg + potato of choice or chips, peas, lemon and tartar sauce
Gammon steak 8 oz
+ grilled pineapple, egg and chips
Beefburger grill
+ egg, sausage, bacon, grilled tomato, beans and chips
BBQ chicken
+ chips and peas

Maggie’s Home Comforts
Maggie's choices are served with two fresh daily cooked vegetables and potato. Choose your vegetables from the following:

Carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, swede, mushrooms, sweetcorn, peas, roast parsnips, new/boiled/roast/mash or jacket potatoes  
(Additional seasonal vegetable are also available on the daily special menu)
  Small Regular
Roast beef
Freshly sliced top-side of beef, gravy, Yorkshire pudding, veggies + horseradish sauce
£6.60 £7.70
Roast lamb
Sliced leg of lamb, gravy, veggies + mint sauce
£6.60 £7.70
Roast chicken
A succulent breast of roast chicken, gravy + veggies
£6.60 £7.70
Boiled bacon
Delicious tender slices of boiled bacon + veggies
£6.60 £7.70
Braised steak
Tender steak braised in a rich gravy + veggies
£6.80 £7.90
Lamb shank
Tender mouth watering shank of lamb cooked slowly + veggies
Liver and bacon
Lambs liver, bacon, tomato and chips or veggies
£5.50 £6.50
Shepherd's pie
Freshly cooked minced beef and onion topped with creamy grilled mash potato + veggies
£5.50 £6.50
Cottage pie
Freshly cooked minced beef and onion mixed with carrots and peas, topped with creamy grilled mash potato + veggies
£5.50 £6.50
Bangers and mash
Two fresh pork and beef sausages served with peas, fried onions, mash potato + gravy
Chicken curry
Mildly spiced chicken curry served with rice or chips or both + mango chutney. May contain small bones
£6.00 £7.10
Spaghetti bolognaise
Our classic beef bolognese cooked in thick tomato and garlic sauce and accompanied with parmesan or grated cheese
£5.60 £6.60
Layers of fresh pasta with beef bolognese topped with melted cheese, chips + side salad
£5.60 £6.60
Spagetti Napolitan
Tomato, onion, garlic and herb sauce accompanied with parmesan or grated cheese
£4.50 £5.50
Vegetable pie
Served with a choice of two fresh daily vegetables and a potato or chips + side salad.
£5.30 £5.95
Vegetable curry and rice
Home made mildly spiced vegetable curry served with rice + mango chutney
£5.30 £5.95
Fish and chips
Cod or plaice in breadcrumbs, chips, peas, lemon + tartare sauce
Scampi in breadcrumbs, chips, peas, side salad, lemon + tartare sauce
£6.50 £7.70
Wine List      
White wine
175cl 250cl Bottle
House - Vin Du Patron France
Medium dry white wine, ideal for all occasions
£3.30 £4.30 £11.55
Soave Italy
Deliciously delicate dry white with aromas of apple blossom and touch of marzipan
£3.70 £4.90 £12.95
Blossom Hill - Pinot Grigio California USA
Crisp and clean fresh ripe fruit with nuances of aromatic spice and nuttiness
£3.70 £4.90 £12.95

Red Wine 175cl 250cl Bottle
House Red - Vin Du Patron France
Soft and easy-to-drink, ideal for all occasions
£3.30 £4.30 £11.55
Montepulciano - D'Abruzzo Italy
A robust warm-hearted glassful of black fruit, with a touch of wood smoke and spice - a tasty choice
£3.70 £4.90 £12.95
Inc: Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, grated carrots, raw onions, potato salad, coleslaw, beetroot, peppers + sweetcorn
  Small Regular
Tuna, cheese, ham, egg mayonnaise (v) 1 item £4.95 £5.95
Additional item
Roast lamb, roast chicken, roast beef, boiled bacon,
egg and prawn 1 item
£5.45 £6.95
Sirloin steak
Rump steak

Hot and Cold Drinks
Tea - bottomless cup
Coffee -bottomless cup
Hot chocolate   £1.60
Herbal teas
Milk half pint/ pint
£0.80 £1.40
Milkshake half pint /pint £1.20 £2.20
Canned drinks   £1.00
Fresh orange or apple juice half pint /pint £1.10 £1.90
Still mineral water
Sparkling water
Fruit shots: apple & blackcurrant/orange & peach

With your choice of custard, ice cream or cream
Apple pie/apple crumble/fruit crumble   £3.00
Lemon meringue   £3.25
Banoffee pie/cheese cake - strawberry or blackberry
Spotted dick/syrup sponge/toffee sponge   £3.25
Chocolate fudge cake
Fruit salad served in juice
Rice pudding
Ice Cream:
Strawberry/chocolate/vanilla served with wafers
Mixed ice cream as above served with wafers

Beers / Lagers and more...
Stella Artois bottle £3.15
Budweiser bottle £3.15
Becks bottle £3.15
Guinness draught /can   £3.15
John Smiths Bitter draught /can   £3.15
Doubles   £3.90
Liqueurs   £3.25


Alcoholic drinks are available from 10.00am and must be accompanied with food.