Being able to print from any internet device to any printer you have permission to print to, anywhere in the world. Wow!
You will only be able to print to a school printer is you login using your school Gmail account.

  • Print 
    • homework on the school printer as you are on the bus commuting to school
    • on your home office printer from your bedroom
    • from the playground in school to the school laser printer
    • from the science lab on the school network printer or your home printer if you like
    • a copy of your finished assignment on your parents printer at their work!
  • From your:
    • Phone
    • Tablet
    • Chromebook
    • Laptop
    • Desktop

This is easy, it only takes a couple of stages

Here is a nice overview

YouTube Video

  1. The computer connected to the printer must have access to the internet
  2. You need to be logged into your gmail account on this computer
  3. You need to be using Chrome as your browser.
The rest is plain sailing, follow these couple of videos

From the computer connected to the printer

YouTube Video

Jump to 3:18 mins into this video to see how to share this printer with your Chromebook & other family members & friends

Printer Cloud printing settings
You will need to accept Printers that have been shared with you