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Chromebooks are designed to be affordable, practical mobile computers, focused on web-based services and applications. They may look like laptops – or even bargain-basement Ultrabooks – but you have to think of them a little differently.
so costs can be kept low without compromising the overall experience.
That being said, many of the same judgements apply to a Chromebook as to a laptop. Naturally screen size and quality are of importance, as to are a decent keyboard and a responsive trackpad. The look, feel and build quality will impact everyday use, and good connectivity is a must.

Which Manufacturer/model

It does not make much difference, unlike PC’s & Mac’s. We’ve tried HP’s Dells & Acer Chromebooks & various models & can’t tell the difference. We’ve tried 2gb & 4Gb models again we could not tell the difference, so I’d suggest the cheaper 2Gb models. Screen size, all ours have been the 11.6” which is a great size for school use.

For Chromebooks to work at home, you will need an internet connection with WIFI

Where to purchase

The key with Chromebooks is their simple design, the work is all done on-line through your or the school’s wifi connection, the brand of machine or model make little difference.

Where to purchase (2Gb 8hr battery life or 4Gb 10hr battery life) Other than the battery life I can't tell the difference in use.

Some Chrome book reviews:

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