Access to your work (almost) everywhere!

Link to Intro letter to parents

There are a couple of  innovations in IT which I'm really excited about, when it comes to supporting  our children with their education.

  1. Cloud data storage & Applications, which at the moment for us is Google, Gmail with all its associated Apps. It will works on any device, storing your work in the clouds, so it can be accessed & edited from any device which connects to the internet from anywhere in the world. Part of its appeal is that you can use any electronic device which connects to the internet throughout your day, working on the same piece of work without you having to thing about transferring your work or saving it. Just log into any device with your gmail account & there is all your work.
    • Gone is the need to purchase expensive programs to do your work, Google Apps gives your the tools to do your work for free.
    • Gone is the need to buy & carry around your USB stick
      All your work, everything! is accessible from anywhere. Your entire hard drive of work on every computer everywhere in the world!
      You will never again be able to say you forgot it!
    • Gone is the need to save work in a format that the next device or person will recognise
    • Gone is the need to update operating systems & software
    • Gone is the need to be with someone, to work together or get help. Google apps lets you work collaboratively with your friends, teachers, parents, wherever they may be, on the same document in real time, send texts, video call, write on their document from anywhere!
    • Gone is the need to work on one computer in one location, work on your desktop, laptop, tablet simultaneously at home, add a line, and it appears on all the devices simultaneously.

      So you might open a template shared with you by your teacher on a school computers to start an assignment, refine it on one of the computers in Exeter central library, update it at your friends house on their laptop & finish it at home on your tablet, presenting it the following day on one of the schools computers, without you having to transfer anything. Your work has followed you, being accessible on all the devices you have had access to.

      So this is a very, very cool way of working. The next step is having a personal device you use to access your work wherever you are, to work whenever you want.
    • All the pupils at MCS have a Academic Gmail account, assigned to them by the school, they can access all this NOW, right now, this very moment!

  2. A personal mobile electronic device, which for us is; A Chromebook for Every Pupil!
    That's not quite right, it should say every Pupil, Teacher & Parent.

    We've been looking at ways of giving every pupil an electronic device, which they take with them, wherever they go, just like a pen to do their work on.
    Computers have reached a point, were we don't want to have to go to a specialist classroom to research something or create a document, we want to have that educational tool with us in all our class's, at home, at our friends house, on holiday, wherever we may be. It needs to be with you, ready to work when you are.  We don't want to be looking for our USB drive or printing out work you completed at home to hand to your teacher. It should be there with you at all times, you should be able to share it with your teacher at 8pm at night when you completed the assignment.

    Well all this & far more is available with a Chromebook & critically at a great price, & unlike normal computers there is no expensive software to purchase, antivirus software to install. You don't have to worry about setting it up. It works out of the box with all the applications you need + lots more.

I've produced this little website on Google Apps on a Chromebook!