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In progress

Unified information point for environmental processes. Rodrigo Álvarez Seoane (co-sup Iago Elizechea).

Design and deployment of a
Marketplace based on the open-source e-commerce system Prestashop. Fátima Andrade Pombo.

Automatic generation of test models from UML models. Cristina Canto Ares.

Development of a customizable multiplatform P2P voice chat (working title). Eros Cebreiro Morado.

Study, definition and implementation of GoF-inspired testing patterns. Nicolás Echevarrieta Catalán.

Web tool for collaborative problem solving. Noelia Luaces Fernández.

Library for the development of Java EE applications with synchronized elements. Yago Méndez Vidal.

Design and implementation of a distributed system for test execution (working title).
Adrián Moreira Pereiro.

Formulation of test properties for testing REST APIs. Carlos Paz Blanco.

Monitoring and control system of a distributed hybrid CPU-GPU computing system (co-sup Javier Taibo). Enrique Prieto Pereira.

Development and integration of project management features in a version control system. Bruno Santiago Vázquez.

Integration of semantic recommendations services in STB devices for cable-TV. Xabier Trigo Losada.