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Research projects
ProWeSS: Property-based testing for Web ServiceS.
FP7 (Collaborative Project, STREP) ICT-317820. 2012-2015.

OptiBand: Optimisation of bandwith for IPTV video streaming.
FP7 (STREP) INFSO-ICT-248495. 2010-2012.

Open source projects
Erlang architecture behaviours
Sample implementations of architectural patterns (pipe & filter, master-slave, peer-to-peer...) in Erlang.

Translator from QuickCheck-like test properties and models to Cucumber-like scenarios.

ally-checker: web accesibility evaluation library
Web Accessibility Evaluation tool written in Erlang. This was the master thesis project of Antía Puentes, which I supervised.

RRPC: REST Reverse Polish Calculator
A pet project to build a reverse polish caculator that offers a pure REST API.

JWMTool: Java Watermarking Tool
A tool developed in Java, during my three-month research stay at the University of Houston (Texas, U.S.A.) from September to December 2006.