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Class notes

For those who might find them useful, these are my LaTeX-formatted class notes for some Computer Engineering subjects at the University of A Coruña (1998-2003).

DISCLAIMER: These documents are not transcriptions of the lectures, nor are they reproductions of the bibliographic material recommended for each subject. These are original compilations of my class notes, inspired by the teachers and complemented with materials from additional sources. Since the lectures were not recorded, or transcribed, at that time, no professor's rights are hereby violated. In fact, it is the author's right to make her work public domain.

I also encourage anybody using this material to freely share it with others, just respecting the authorship and realising that it has not been updated since it was created, so it is your responsibility to be aware of the possible (and likely) modifications in contents, depth of treatment of the matter, and even consider the presence of typos or small mistakes. Even though this material is not under update by the author, your corrections and error reports will be always very welcome.

Recommended readings

The Right to Read, by Richard Stallman.
¿De qué viviremos los informáticos?, y tú ¿por qué no enseñas gratis?, by Ricardo Galli.