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CSVs to Sheets

"I have multiple CSV files in the same folder.
 How can i merge all the CSV files into a single XLS file
 where all the CSV files are on their own separate sheet tab?"


Option Explicit
Sub ImportCSVs()
'Author:    Jerry Beaucaire
'Date:      8/16/2010
'Summary:   Import all CSV files from a folder into separate sheets
'           named for the CSV filenames
'Update:    2/8/2013   Macro replaces existing sheets if they already exist in master workbook

Dim fPath   As String
Dim fCSV    As String
Dim wbCSV   As Workbook
Dim wbMST   As Workbook

Set wbMST = ThisWorkbook
fPath = "C:\2013\"                  'path to CSV files, include the final \
Application.ScreenUpdating = False  'speed up macro
Application.DisplayAlerts = False   'no error messages, take default answers
fCSV = Dir(fPath & "*.csv")         'start the CSV file listing

    On Error Resume Next
    Do While Len(fCSV) > 0
        Set wbCSV = Workbooks.Open(fPath & fCSV)                    'open a CSV file
        wbMST.Sheets(ActiveSheet.Name).Delete                       'delete sheet if it exists
        ActiveSheet.Move After:=wbMST.Sheets(wbMST.Sheets.Count)    'move new sheet into Mstr
        Columns.Autofit             'clean up display 
        fCSV = Dir                  'ready next CSV
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Set wbCSV = Nothing
End Sub

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