About MRSC




Program Description:

Mad River Ski Club is a program for children and young adults ages 6-15, who have had previous ski experience and are enthusiastic about developing their skills as a ski racer.  The focus of the program is on developing fundamental skiing skills and race technique in a positive, fun, and exciting atmosphere.


Club Philosophy:

The club provides an environment of respect and teamwork within which each athlete has the opportunity to develop their race proficiency to achieve their personal goals.  We strive to provide a qualified coaching staff that accommodates that range of goals, up to the highest level of competition within each age group.  Standards of behavior in competition are taught along with the importance of following the rules of sportsmanship.


Through ski racing, we find many opportunities to support each athlete’s personal growth by helping them develop self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance with the goal of assisting them in becoming competent and compassionate adults.


Integral to the MRSC is family participation and communication.


Mission Statement:

Our goal is to foster a love of skiing and the outdoors as a lifelong pursuit.  Mad River Glen provides an exceptional experience with regard to its powerful natural beauty and unique terrain.  Race training with the MRSC allows time for free skiing with coaches and teammates and time to experience the pure joy and adventure of skiing Mad River’s rugged terrain.  The club aims to mirror the unique aspects, traditions and philosophies associated with the Mad River Glen Cooperative.