Membership Roster and Contacts

Ski Club Membership:

We maintain an email list and one membership roster. Please see the links below.

Master Email List:
This list contains everyone in our mailing database. On this list you will find past and current members of the club, other interested parties as well as Mad River Glen management and administrative staff. This is managed by the Race Director and appropriate conduct and use it expected. To contact everyone on this list, please use:

Membership Roster

Staff Directory:

MRG Race Office: 802-496-3551 ext 126
Doemland, Jeff Adjunct
Downing,  U10
Haskell, Kathykdhaskell@gmail.comU8
McSweeney, U8
Park, U10
Rappeport, Barclay U8
Riddell, Mike U14
Ruback, Adjunct
Hauser, U12
Clark, U12