"TLC Cafe"

Meet Our TLC Team:
Monica Titus: District Learning Coordinator/K-6 Tech Infusionist
Kelley Grothus: 7-12 Instructional Coach
Jennifer Troendle: 7-12 Tech Infusionist
Mandy Zimmerman: K-6 Instructional Coach
Ryan Hart: Mentor Teacher
Selena Montag: Mentor Teacher
Haley Hippen: Mentor Teacher
Denise Hiveley: Mentor Teacher
Kenya Arrants: Mentor Teacher
Kelli Wolf: Mentor Teacher
Jim Mertz: Mentor Teacher
Jennifer Lobeck: Mentor Teacher
Tim Titus: Mentor Teacher

Vision: The Madrid Teacher Leadership and Compensation Model will facilitate student achievement and improved learning by empowering teachers through quality instructional practices.


Goals (Tied to START Model)

-Student engagement through a Student-centered classroom

-Continuous Teacher learning and recognition of effective instruction

-Accountability through Assessment, data collection & analysis

-A Rigorous and relevant learning environment

-Teacher collaboration through problem-solving, teamwork, trust, both within grade-level and across subjects and with recognition of learner differences

-Build relationships networking within the TLC and AEA