"Act Well Your Part, for There all the Honor Lies." W. Shakespeare

The mission of the Madisonville Drama Department is to promote

excellence for all students as skillful performers and storytellers, and as 

knowledgeable audience members.

2017-2018 Season
Community Show- Friday, Nov. 3rd @ 7pm 

HS Fall Performance Night 
November 14th @ 7pm 

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
December 21st @ 7pm 

Community Show- 
February 22, 23 @ 7pm 

DramaFest 2018
Showcase of Student Work
May 17th @ 6pm

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Remember our RULES: 

D- Don't make excuses
R- Respect Your fellow Thespians and Director
A- Always Think: It is true? Is it kind? Is is helpful? 
M- MAINTAIN control! 
A- Accept Criticism

The Madisonville Drama Dept. provides performing and creative experiences in theatre for all Madisonville students. It strives to equip students to become sensitive and knowledgeable participants in the performing arts by offering a wide range of curricular course and extra-curricular activities that meet the interests and needs of all students.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Course Wide Drama Curriculum Goals

Develop communication skills.

Increase confidence in public presentations.

Develop skills of social interaction.

Promote creativity by utilizing thinking, feeling, and body in solutions to problems in communication.

Provide an historical background to drama including Greek, Medieval, and Elizabethan.

Develop acting skills.

Develop basic understanding of the tech aspects of drama.

Develop teamwork to accomplish common goals.

To apply critical thinking and writing skills in topics related to drama.

Increase awareness of physicality.


Director's Notes 
8/18- Welcome Back! I'm looking forward to a wonderful year with my awesome thespians! Please be aware the HS Auditorium is under construction and will be for the foreseeable future. I will let you know when I find out more details. The GOOD news is that our space will be wonderful, hopefully in time for HS One Act Play season. Also, we finally have an official ROOM at the Junior High! The Choir and Theatre Room is the OLD JH Band Hall. We are so excited to have this great space to make our own. All JH Theatre classes will meet at the JH. We will also be rehearsing for JH One Act Play at the Junior High.