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Greetings Parents,
I have updated most pages this month, as some decisions about the content of this class have been inundated with
a million ideas for direction, and so like choosing the best prizes to buy on say, Wheel of Fortune, so to has been the exciting storefront of information.  I am keeping the introduction below on this front page, because it is a reminder that building an idea is exciting, but finding the thread, which the High School and engineering foundations confirm, is applying the organization of planning and design through the "Engineering Design Process".            Thanks for checking in, Ken Rublee

from 11/11/16

The STEM website is under new management!  While re-construction commences, please feel free to contact me anytime at krublee@madisonschools.k12.va.us

I'll begin by posting a website for access to an interesting resource for supplemental and associated knowledge and skills, which is the outstanding magazine ScienceWorld, and a couple others soon.   As the new Teacher, I discovered under a search for "STEM textbook", that there are a hundred articles that are more or less titled "There Are No Textbooks for STEM".  So, besides drawing from my Science and Engineering and mechanical background, I'll be collaborating with the High School Teachers, as well, to get an understanding about what they would like to see coming out of the Middle School program.  Number one is the 5 word headings for the Engineering Process - this will be a consistent format, and framework for activities, readings, and projects in the classroom. 

I hope to engage Madison County service providers, particularly those who depend on technology, as guests in the class, as well, so if you would like to contribute, feel free to contact me.

I am looking forward to teaching your students, Ken Rublee