Welcome to United States History!

Goals for the Semester:

*Analyze, explain, and discuss the key events of U.S. History 
*Read and interpret maps, charts, graphs, and political cartoons
*Think critically about important people, events, and documents from U.S. History

Please hold your cursor over your class to see options specific to that class.  If you have any questions or problems finding something please email me.

If you are searching for another copy of a class handout (ex: study guides), please check the Links and Document area for your class.

For my class you will need: 
1. A sturdy folder with pockets (plastic works best, but a sturdy cardboard is fine) 
2. Pencils
3. Glue sticks (6 small or 3 large)
4. Colored Pencils (pack of 12)
5. Filler Paper 
6. Highlighters (2 - any color)
7. Expo Marker (2 - any color)
8. Spiral bound notebooks (2 - any color, at least 70 sheets each)

After School Study Sessions with Mrs. Kolb are every Tuesday, until 4:15.  Please send a note/email if your student has permission to attend.

Kolb's History Class Calendar