Welcome to Mr. Rehm's Physical Education/Health class!  The purpose of Physical Education is to promote fitness; to provide a release for stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue;  and to encourage recreational sports.  We are glad you are here!  We are looking forward to a tremendous year!

 Goals for the Year

             Our goal is for you is to improve your fitness level in the four main areas of physical fitness: Cardiovascular Endurance, Abdominal Strength, Upper Body Strength, and Flexibility.  All students will be expected to demonstrate positive attitudes towards classmates and good sportsmanship towards teammates, opponents, and officials.  Dressing out daily will promote responsibility and good hygiene.  Along with understanding how physical activity can greatly benefit your life, you will also understand the importance of making healthy decisions.  Some of the Health Education topics include relationships, personal safety, nutrition, and the risks of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.   

 Activities That Will Help Us Meet the Goals

             Activities that will help us meet our goals include daily work in the four areas of fitness followed by participation in various sports, games, and other forms of fitness.  We also have several tournaments during the year to promote teamwork and sportsmanship.

 Homework and Classwork

             In order to take full advantage of your Physical Education experience, you will need to dress out on a daily basis and perform each activity to the best of your ability.  To help improve and maintain your fitness level, we encourage you to stay active at home.  In Health Education you will be responsible for completing in and out of class assignments. 


        We abide by the attendance and tardy policies stated in the William H. Wetsel Middle School student handbook.

 Your Teachers

            We have three teachers who will be working with you throughout the year, Mr. Butterworth, Mr. Rehm, and Mrs. Smith.  If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us at (540) 948-3783, ext. 3552 (Smith), ext. 3551 (Rehm), or ext. 3550 (Butterworth) any time during the school day or simply email.


       Aug./Sept. – Intro to P.E./Fitness Test           Dec. – Fitness Test/Wiffle Ball                  March – Fitness Test                 Oct. – Fall Sports                                           Jan. - Basketball                                      April - Track & Field                    Nov. – Fall Sports                                         Feb. - Volleyball                                May – Track & Field/Field Day