Welcome to 8th grade!

Pre-Algebra II


Miss Yezzo  

Show your BLUE!
Be Respectful
Learn Everyday
Understand Responsibilities
Encourage Everyone


Tuesday and Thursday 
7:30 - 8:00 am

Tentative Course Outline:

Quarter 1: Exponents & Scientific Notation, Square Roots, The Real Number System 

Quarter 2: Solving Equations & Inequalities, Graphing and Writing Linear Equations, Functions, Percents

Quarter 3: Angles, Transformations, The Pythagorean Theorem, Area and Perimeter

Quarter 4:  Surface Areas of Solids, Volumes of Solids, Probability

Student and Parent Communication:

Parents/ Guardians, I encourage you to contact me with any concerns or questions.  You can reach me in the following ways:

1.  You may call the school at 540-948-3783, and leave a message. I will return your call as soon as possible.

2.  You may e-mail me at myezzo@madisonschools.k12.va.us.

Students, I encourage you to approach me with any mathematical and course-related questions you may have or if you need extra assistance with a concept.

 I am looking forward to a successful year working together.