Welcome to Madison County Public School's professional development classes.
​Madison County Public Schools is proud to announce the official launch of our in house Professional Development website. Your professional growth is our goal. These courses provide you with the opportunity to gain further insight into multiple topics that are tied specifically to MCPS. Areas include: Technology, Google, Instruction, and Device Management. Furthermore, the courses are organized into 8 phases. Upon completion of phases, users take a quiz or implement an instructional strategy to earn re-certification points.

During this course, organized in
​topic ​
phases, you will
​review a variety of topics and obtain a variety of skill sets. From technology, policies, to instruction, topics are taught using a variety of methods including videos, text, manuals, and classroom strategy practice.  You acquire new strategies and tools you can implement right away to enhance classroom instruction and technology use.

For beginning teachers, the technology phases guide you through all your technological needs throughout the school year. For veteran teachers, you may access unknown resources to enhance your instruction and save you time.

Phases are NOT sequential. Phases are self paced
​ and have no time limits​
.​ You study the course content and complete a quiz, scoring 8/10 or higher, in order to earn five (5) recertification points for Phases 1-7. Users will have up to 2 attempts, for Phases 1-7, per school year to pass each quiz. Print your passing quiz grade for recertification points. Phase 8 has the opportunity for 6-12 recertification points depending upon your implementation plans.
               Basic Principles                      Programs                         Device Management                   Hardware
                    Google                     Tech in the Classroom                       Testing                                 Instruction