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Winter Training

Winter Running & Strength Training Info
Mid Nov-Mid Feb (check back for 2011-12 dates
Come out as often as you’d like.  (Only meets on school days. Refer to school calendar at

From 3:30 – 4:30ish depending on the length of the workout.

Rides must be on time to continue participation!

  • Monday/Wednesday: Strength Training based on the popular workout program P90X.  Meet at room 101 of the high school.

o   Mondays: Upper Body will include body weight (i.e. push-ups) and resistance exercises (i.e. bicep curls).

o   A set of Resistance Bands is highly recommended.  Check Dick’s Sporting Goods, Wal-Mart, etc .

o   Wednesdays: Lower Body will include mostly body weight exercises (i.e. lunges) with the option to add weights or resistance if available.

o   Abs/Core (i.e. crunches) will be done both Mondays and Wednesdays as time allows.  A yoga mat or large folded towel is highly recommended to give your spine the padding it needs.

  • Tuesday/Thursday: Group Run.  Meet at room 101.

o   Open to both distance runners/joggers and sprinters of all ability levels.

o   Some groups may go on distance runs together, but the track is also open for speed workouts.

o   Dress in layers appropriate for the weather conditions, including gloves and hat.

o   If weather does not allow us to run outside, we will do an alternate workout indoors, so have clothes for that possibility as well.