This site will display various materials used in class. These materials will be discussed in class and entered here for your use. It will not be possible for me to put up everything we use in class but I will attempt to make as much available here as possible.
You will be responsible for taking notes in class and maintaining them in a notebook.
We will have frequent warm-ups and quizzes based on material presented in class and for which you have been responsible for your own notes.
Material assigned to be read in the textbook (Environmental Science) will also be subject to quizzes and tests. Material in the textbook is basic information that will be expanded and supplemented by lecture, powerpoints, videos, discussions, etc.
1. Seats will be assigned and students must occupy their assigned seat.
2. Talking should be held to a minimum unless discussing class topic with entire class.
3. Students must respect themselves, classmates,teacher,school property and the 
    overall learning environment.
4. No food or drink is allowed in the room except water which is O.K.
5. Disrespect for others or for work of others in never acceptable.
6. You will be expected to adhere to all school rules.
This class requires a relatively large amount of effort, note taking, attention to detail,
and nightly study of notes taken in class. This site should aid in reviewing material
presented in class but will not replace the need for you to pay attention in class and
take notes.
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