Welcome to 6th grade math!

We are extremely excited about the coming year and the chance to work with you.  Regardless of your past school experiences, our goal is to help you achieve your maximum academic ability by presenting you with situations that allow you to become critical thinkers.  In order to achieve this, everyone will be challenged to explain, prove, write about, and discuss mathematical ideas throughout the year.

All students are required to keep a math notebook with an assignment page for tracking assignments.  This will be an organized, numbered notebook that includes notes, assignments, quizzes, and tests.  This will allow parents to be aware of the grades received by their child. 

Activities That Will Help Us Become Critical Thinkers

We will use a variety of activities during the year to foster understanding of key math concepts, including:

 - Written assignments, including two graded narrative essays

-  Cooperative learning

-  Hands-on activities

-  Math journals

-  Classroom discussion/debates


Concepts Covered Throughout the Year

-  Operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, proportions, and integers

-  Work with statistical data and probability

-  Work with both customary and metric measurement systems

-  Applying geometric concepts

-  Applying algebraic concepts to solving linear equations and form a basic understanding of algebra

Tentative Calendar for the Year

First Nine Weeks:  Integers, Exponents, Order of Operations, Number Properties, Ratios

Second Nine Weeks:  Relationship of fractions, Decimals, Percentages, and Solving multi-step word problems

Third Nine Weeks:  Geometry, Equations, Graphs/Statistics, and Measurement

Fourth Nine Weeks:  Inequalities, Number Patterns, and Probability.

Parent Communication

Working with you, the parent, is key to helping your child succeed in the classroom.  Therefore, feel free to contact us if you ever have any concerns or questions.  You can contact us by emailing us at mbasile@madisonschools.k12.va.us or martale@madisonschools.k12.va.us or calling the school between the hours of 8:00 to 3:30.