Course Overview

When walking into my classroom, you will see students actively engaged as they enhance and refine the development of their motor skills. You will see a teacher interacting with his students and loving what he is doing. You will see students building their confidence, paying attention to detail, and having the ability to follow plans. Their progress is rewarded by the transformation of a simple piece of wood into a beautiful project.

My students learn about shop organization, tools, safety, and project construction. At any given time you will see students gluing up projects, working at the workbench sanding, using hand tools, and using power machines. I will be demonstrating the different types of hand tools, small power tools, power machines, and the safety that goes along with those tools. Quality of work and safety are the most important skills learned in the class.

Interest, imagination, and perseverance are the essential ingredients needed for this course. In return, the students feel pride, confidence, and achievement

Grading Policy

The school grading policy will be used based on the following criteria:

Projects               30%

Participation       30%

Class Work          30%        Includes written work, bell work, quizzes, tests and the final exam.

Clean Up              10%

Class Work Make-Up Policy

Unexcused Absences – May not make-up missed assignments without penalty.

Excused Absences – May make-up missed assignments without penalty.

Non-Chargeable Absences – May make-up missed assignments without penalty.


Pupil-Teacher Conference Time

Meetings must be arranged in advance as I am only in the building from first through fourth hour/ Block 1 and 2. I am always available before school.


Pre-Arranged Absence Procedure

As this is a hands-on shop class, arrangements cannot be made for pre-arranged absences. Students should speak to the teacher individually when this occurs.


Tardiness and Absence Procedures

School tardiness and attendance requirements will be followed. This includes the policy for effects on grades.


Required Materials, Supplies and Equipment

Materials will be provided for class projects. Individual projects will be discussed in class.


Safety Procedures

ALL students must complete a SAFETY usage and operation test on all machines and equipment in the shop before they will be permitted to run the machines or use the equipment.



As written in the course description, there is a shop fee. This fee will provide the materials needed to complete assigned projects. Large projects and specialty items will be purchased by the student. The fee this year is $15.00 for materials EACH SEMESTER.

Teacher’s Expectations of Students

1.       Be responsible – come to class prepared and on time.

2.       Class work begins after all students are in their seats and the daily lesson is completed.

3.       Follow all class and safety rules and all procedures.

4.       Be respectful of others, both their property and their person, and the school property.

5.       Work to the best of your ability.

6.       Measure twice/cut once – don’t waste material.


Classroom Rules and Regulations

1.       Listen to instructions.

2.       Pick up after yourself.

3.       Do your written work – it counts.

4.       Class is dismissed at the appropriate time when everyone is in their seat.

5.       Class this year is 100 minutes long.


Shop Rules

1.       Follow the SAFETY RULES and SHOP PROCEDURES.

2.       Use common sense when working in the shop.

3.       No horse play will be tolerated.

4.       Safety glasses must be worn while in the shop. One violation = you sit. Twice = you write.

5.       Wood must be marked before it is cut. Before you cut, I want to see the lines. You cut AFTER it has been okayed. There are no exceptions. You sit if you cut without permission.

6.       Accidents happen because you are in a hurry. Think before you cut.

7.       If you don’t work, you sit. If you sit, you write.

8.       Clean-up is part of your grade. Non -workers start 15 minutes before the end of class, workers at 10 minutes.


Students are expected to work every day. Grading will be based on the twenty point scale, with a grade given at the end of each week.




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